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Danfoss Turbocor announces multiyear collaboration with FAMU-FSU College of Engineering

Danfoss and Florida State University have announced a multiyear collaboration in which Danfoss will fund scholarships and provide research opportunities for faculty and students at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering. The 5-year agreement, which was officially signed on November 12, establishes the Danfoss FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Fund with a $750,000 commitment from Danfoss. “This […]

A diamond in the rough: Researchers identify new mineral in precious stone’s flaws

A diamond recovered from a mine in Botswana contains a mineral that has long been hypothesized to exist but has never before been seen in nature. Munir Humayun, a professor of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science and a scientist at the FSU-headquartered National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, and postdoctoral associate Shuying Yang were part of […]

ITS announces end of password resets 

Florida State University students, faculty and staff will no longer be required to reset passwords in part due to the successful implementation of the recent Information Technology Services 2-factor authentication (2FA) initiative. The initiative was designed to provide extra security to protect FSU accounts and prevent unauthorized access. Individuals are prompted to verify their identity via the Duo Mobile app each time they sign in to a protected FSU system, such as myFSU Portal or university email. “2FA works,” said […]

FSU graduate student mixing passion for science and communications

A Florida State University graduate student has received a prestigious fellowship designed to teach scientists how to better communicate science to the general public. Dani Davis, a graduate student in ecology, was selected to participate in ComSciCon, a fellowship sponsored by Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Council for the Advancement of Science Writing, the National Association […]

FSU chemist receives prestigious Markovnikov Medal, honorable professorship

A Florida State University professor has received two recognitions reserved for some of the greatest minds in organic chemistry — the Markovnikov Medal from Moscow State University and an Honorable Professorship from St. Petersburg State University. Igor Alabugin, a professor in FSU’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, part of the College of Arts and Sciences, […]

NASA program will give FSU students access to cutting-edge technology patents

In addition to being the world’s leading space agency, NASA owns about 1,600 technological patents. Florida State University’s Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship will have access to all of those patents thanks to their participation in the NASA Technology Transfer University Program (T2U). FSU’s T2U participation will be with NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. As part […]

Low-gravity simulator design developed by FAMU-FSU College of Engineering researchers offers new avenues for space research

As humanity continues its exploration of the universe, the low-gravity environment of space presents unusual challenges for scientists and engineers. Researchers at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering and the Florida State University-headquartered National High Magnetic Field Laboratory have developed a new tool to help meet that challenge — a novel design for a low-gravity simulator […]

FSU Libraries launches upgraded DigiNole interface

FSU Libraries has launched a new, upgraded interface for DigiNole, the digital repository of Florida State University, giving users an enhanced presentation of digitized materials, faster response times for browsing, searching, and viewing, better interaction with search results and more responsiveness for mobile devices. “The improved infrastructure and interface for DigiNole greatly improves access and […]

FSU researchers find space between polymer chains affects energy conversion

A team led by FAMU-FSU College of Engineering researchers has new insight into molecules that change their shape in response to light. The researchers studying azobenzene-based polymers found that their free volume — a measure of the space between polymer chains — was strongly linked with the polymers’ ability to convert visible light radiation into […]

FSU chemist awarded $1M Department of Energy grant to explore clean energy materials

A Florida State University professor has been awarded a $1.1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to investigate possible alternatives to rare and expensive materials used in an array of clean energy applications. Rob Schurko, a professor in FSU’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and director of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Magnetic […]

FSU atmospheric scientist earns NOAA award to improve tropical forecast modeling

A Florida State University researcher has received funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to improve the accuracy of tropical cyclone formation forecasting. Allison Wing, assistant professor of meteorology in the Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science, will use the three-year, $539,000 award to develop a new set of tools that identify tropical […]

Building blocks: FSU chemists create new system to build compound critical to drug development

A team of Florida State University chemists has developed a faster way to synthesize a class of compounds that are commonly used in the development of new medications. Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Joel M. Smith along with doctoral student Thiago Grigolo and undergraduate Ariana Subhit published a paper in the journal Organic Letters […]