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From ship to science: R/V Apalachee provides platform for Gulf of Mexico research

When Florida State University researcher Dean Grubbs wants to gather data, he heads to sea. It’s there, in the Gulf of Mexico, and sometimes at depths of more than a mile underwater, where he’s able to find the information he needs for his research into sharks, rays and other marine wildlife. The work wouldn’t be […]

Turning up the heat: FSU researcher focuses on process steps to expand solar cell capabilities

In a new study, a Florida State University researcher illuminates the fundamental properties of a process used to make better solar cells, giving scientists knowledge about how to further fine-tune that work and build more efficient devices. “This is building upon our goal to build better solar cells from new materials,” said FSU Assistant Professor […]

The garbage man: Professor develops methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills

Most people think about trash for 30 seconds a week — the amount of time it takes them to bring their garbage bin to the curb. Tarek Abichou has spent three decades focused on it. As executive director of the Resilient Infrastructure and Disaster Response (RIDER) Center and a professor of civil and environmental engineering […]

FSU biological scientist named AAAS fellow

A Florida State University biologist has been named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a lifetime distinction that honors contributions to both science and technology. Professor of Biological Science Brian Inouye will be inducted to the prestigious society this year alongside 563 scientists, engineers, and innovators spanning 24 scientific disciplines. […]

FAMU-FSU researcher combines climate change and land use data to predict watershed impact

When rain falls, it picks up pollution from streets, farms and other manmade features as it winds toward the ocean. In the Broad Run watershed of Loudoun County, Virginia, runoff travels through an increasingly urbanized landscape before reaching the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. In 2000, fewer than 170,000 people lived in the county. […]

FSU paleontologist featured in NOVA documentary on Alaskan dinosaurs

The work of a Florida State University researcher is featured in a new documentary by NOVA called “Alaskan Dinosaurs.” FSU Professor of Biological Science Gregory Erickson, doctoral candidate Tyler Hunt and their research partner Patrick Druckenmiller from University of Alaska Fairbanks are featured in the special that details their work in Alaska.  Producers filmed them […]

Researchers find low oxygen and sulfide in the oceans played greater role in ancient mass extinction

Florida State University researchers have new insight into the complicated puzzle of environmental conditions that characterized the Late Ordovician Mass Extinction (LOME), which killed about 85% of the species in the ocean. Their work on the 445-million-year-old mass extinction event was published online in the journal AGU Advances on Monday. “We found that reducing conditions […]

FSU Service Status page revamped with new features

Florida State University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) has revamped the FSU Service Status page with new subscription options and features. The new page, powered by StatusHub, provides real-time updates about the operations of important campus IT services and the status of each common campus application. With these new features, understanding the content of the page is made more user-friendly and mobile compatible. “We are excited for this new interface […]

Innovation in Action: FSU bolsters research projects with an eye on the marketplace

A process for cheaper fuel cells, improved genomic profiling and an environmentally friendly way to increase water retention for plants are among the projects that Florida State University is helping researchers move forward into potential commercial ventures. FSU’s Office of the Vice President for Research awarded more than $161,000 to four faculty members to move […]

Researchers probe the performance of high-temperature superconductor in new DOE-funded study

The next generation of superconducting magnets has the potential to revolutionize fields such as energy storage, particle accelerators and medicine. The magic behind these tools lies in the high-temperature superconducting (HTS) wires that power them. A FAMU-FSU College of Engineering team has discovered how to optimize a type of HTS wire, findings that may lead […]

A bonding experience: Study reveals potential new family of compounds

On the Periodic Table of Elements, there are elements that most people remember from school — oxygen, hydrogen, gold and silver. But there are also the ones that you might not immediately recognize, such as berkelium and einsteinium. These exotic elements are typically only used in specialized laboratories to understand how chemistry and physics change […]

FSU study proposes new method for projecting threats of sea-level rise

In the next 100 years continued sea-level rise will affect millions of people living in coastal areas. But projecting just how much those effects will be felt depends on which model you use. The problem, a Florida State University researcher says, is that these projection models are inconsistent. Assistant Professor of Sociology Matt Hauer has […]