Radio Stories

07/02/2015 - Carmel Bourjolly

A recent Florida State University alumna conquers overwhelming odds to attend college.

06/24/2015 - Student Profile: Taylor Newman

Florida State University Senior, Taylor Newman, studied and taught nutrition in India and Nepal, as well as locally at Kate Sullivan Elementary School. The Tallahassee native finds it ironic that FSU helped fuel her passion for nutrition because she didn't even apply to the university during high school. It took leaving her hometown to discover that the opportunities she wanted to pursue in school and a career were back at Florida State University's campus.

06/22/2015 - 2015 Entrepreneurship Bootcamp For Veterans With Disabilities

The FSU Entrepreneurship Bootcamp For Veterans With Disabilities program graduated twenty-six military vets after a nine-day business intensive to help develop skills and provide resources to transition into the business world. The Florida State College of Business hosts the event every summer with the help of faculty, staff, volunteers, former participants, and numerous local and nationally accomplished entrepreneurs to provide the education and support during the "business bootcamp".

06/19/2015 - WeatherSTEM

Florida State University alumina Edward Mansouris's WeatherSTEM initiative piqued the interest of FSU Director of Emergency Managment, Dave Bujak, last year. Now faculty, staff, and students are alerted when severe weather threatens campus. The WeatherSTEM unit is a full service weather station located on Doak Campbell Stadium and has been such a success that multiple areas of campus, as well as other Florida State University locations statewide have installed the units.

06/17/2015 - National push will help diverse communities target autism

Researchers are enlisting the help of black churches and federally funded nutrition programs in the quest to identify young children who may show signs of autism. The National Institute of Mental Health has awarded $10.4 million to a team of researchers led by Florida State University Distinguished Research Professor Amy Wetherby to implement a community-based approach to early intervention.

06/12/2015 - Seminole Organic Garden

Located between Florida State University's Flying High Circus and the Marching Chiefs Practice Field is a garden full of fruit and vegetables, all tended and managed by university students and garden manager, Brent Williams. The garden was created to promote nutrition, sustainability, and education.

06/10/2015 - Max Gunzburger: 2015 Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor

Max D. Gunzburger, a world-renowned computational scientist and mathematician in Florida State University’s Department of Scientific Computing in the College of Arts and Sciences, has been named the 2015-2016 Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor, the highest honor given by the university faculty to one of its own.

06/09/2015 - Gregory Erickson Triceratops Research

Florida State University professor and paleobiologist Gregory Erickson became intrigued with what went on inside the mouth of the triceratops millions of years ago, and his research into the inner workings of the dinosaurs chompers led to some exciting new discoveries.

06/05/2015 - Testosterone needs estrogen’s help to inhibit depression

A Florida State University College of Medicine researcher has documented a way in which the two hormones work together to protect low-testosterone males from the effects of anxiety and depression.

06/03/2015 - Share Your Story: Student Veteran Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller discusses the support and community she received as a student veteran at Florida State.