FSU Department of Philosophy

FSU philosopher analyzes guilt, blame in latest research 

When you do something for which you are to blame, how long are you actually blameworthy for your misdeed? Does culpability evaporate once you are forgiven? These are among the questions one Florida State University philosopher is tackling in a new article published this winter in the international journal Philosophical Studies. Randolph Clarke, a professor […]

Philosophy professor awarded fellowship to probe issue of resiliency

A Florida State University philosophy professor has been offered a prestigious faculty fellowship from the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study. Professor of Philosophy John Schwenkler will spend the 2021-2022 academic year at the University of Notre Dame, researching the topic of resilient self-belief as a visiting faculty fellow thanks to the $52,000 fellowship. “Yearlong fellowships like this are highly competitive. The […]

FSU philosophy professor wins coveted NEH Fellowship

Florida State University Associate Professor of Philosophy Nathanael Stein has been selected as a recipient of a highly competitive grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The NEH Fellowship, worth $60,000, will allow Stein to take a yearlong sabbatical to complete work on his forthcoming book tentatively titled “Causation and Explanation in Aristotle.” Stein, […]

Making sense of morality: FSU researchers advance the study of ethical decision-making

What would you do? The brakes on your car have been sabotaged and you are racing down the road toward a crowd of pedestrians. If you do nothing, the car will stay on its course and kill five people. If you sharply turn the steering wheel, the crowd will be saved, but someone else on […]

FSU student receives prestigious philosophy award

Florida State University doctoral student Marshall Thompson has won the Marc Sanders Prize in Philosophy of Religion for his essay on the value of virtues, such as courage, in heaven. Thompson’s essay, “And All Shall Be Changed: Virtue in the New Creation,” was selected from more than 50 entries. He will receive a $10,000 award […]