Student Star: Mark Morrison

Name: Mark Morrison
Major: Finance and Multinational Business

“I hope to inspire other students to challenge themselves in their area of study, to go above and beyond the minimum requirements.”

“I was devastated when Katrina hit New Orleans and derailed my plans for the future. My parents told me that everything happens for a reason and that things would work out for the best. They were right.” Although Mark Morrison came to Florida State University as a transient student after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans while he was enrolled at Tulane, Mark quickly decided to make FSU his new home. “I only intended to stay for one semester. I didn’t even make it through the whole semester before I decided that I wanted to stay and finish my college career at Florida State.” In addition to the rich academic environment Mark experienced, he also knew FSU would help prepare him for law school.

While at FSU, Mark has flourished academically. While maintaining a near-perfect GPA, Mark is an Honors triple major in Finance, Japanese, and Multinational Business, with a minor in Economics. Even more impressive, Mark has already completed and defended his Honors in the Major thesis on the relationship between short sellers and the Credit Crunch with Dr. Danling Jiang in the Finance department. “It was very challenging but also very rewarding. I hope to enter it into a competition and get published.”

“I am a strong believer in getting to know and working with the faculty. I make it a point to visit my professors at office hours, ask questions, and get their opinions. I hope that I have made my professors proud. I have looked up to many of them.”

Mark is involved with a number of extracurricular organizations. He is a member of several academic honor societies, including Golden Key, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and Phi Eta Sigma.

Additionally, Mark is also an Honors Legal Scholar and a member of the Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity. He has served as the community service chair and the risk management chair for Phi Alpha Delta. As a member of another fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, Mark has enriched his college experience with community service.

“Through Alpha Phi Omega I was given many opportunities to volunteer in a variety of ways. I enjoyed working with parks to replant trees, clean, and restore the area. I also enjoy volunteering at fairs and carnivals, where I can work with children. I really enjoy volunteering for events that allows me to work with and meet new people.”

Mark has found the healthy balance between school, work, and extracurricular activities that many students strive to obtain. While juggling a heavy course load, his Honors thesis, a part-time job, and community service, Mark still manages to find time for things he enjoys. “I am not entirely academic. I play the guitar. I also love to play tennis and chess.”

“I have definitely learned a great deal from many of the people I have met here at Florida State and I feel that I have taught them a lot too. I hope to inspire other students to challenge themselves in their area of study, to go above and beyond the minimum requirements. I will continue to impact FSU after graduation. I plan to work hard and become successful and be an example of the kind of students that come out of Florida State University.”

This summer, Mark will travel to Japan and South Korea with FSU International Programs. Mark will graduate next spring with Honors and hopes to enroll in Law school.