Student Star: Steven J. Godbey, Jr.

Name: Steven J. Godbey, Jr.
Major: Biological Science

“I've always been diligent and enthusiastic, but my accomplishments here have only fueled my desire to go further and fulfill my aspirations to the fullest, no matter how lofty.”

Only one school would do for Steven J. Godbey Jr.

A Tallahassee native who graduated from Leon High School, “Jeff,” as he’s usually addressed, didn’t consider attending any other university.

“I applied only to FSU because I knew I wanted to be a Seminole,” explains the Leon High School graduate, whose mother, Cyndi Godbey, graduated from Florida State in the mid-’70s with a degree in psychology. “I’ve lived here my whole life, and I had a tremendous amount of school spirit even before matriculation.”

Godbey, 22, will graduate with a degree in biological science. “My specific areas of academic interest are biomedical research and pre-veterinary studies. I decided I wanted to get a degree in biology during my AP biology class my junior year of high school,” Godbey says. “I stuck with this decision because my courses here at Florida State held my interest in and love for science, especially biology.”

Godbey’s enthusiasm is reflected in his academic performance. He is a member of three honor societies—Phi Beta Kappa, Golden Key and Beta Beta Beta, which is for biology majors. “I chose to participate in these societies to meet people of different backgrounds with similar aspirations and interests,” he says. “Also, I felt that these societies would aid in furthering my scholastic, personal, and professional development.”

In February 2009, he successfully defended his Honor Thesis, “Environmental and Genetic Modulation of Morphology, Memory, Olfactory Ability, and Anxiety in Mice.” His work findings included that high-fat diets are capable of yielding overweight/obese individuals, as expected, and individuals suffering from such diet-induced obesity were found to be pre-diabetic.

Godbey is also a member of the Pre-Veterinary Club at Florida State, serving last year as the organization’s speaker coordinator and this year as its president. “I love veterinary medicine, and I want to know as much about it as possible; I also chose to be in this club to get any and all information that would help me get accepted to veterinary school. Lastly, I really enjoy socializing with people interested in veterinary medicine.”

At the 2008 ACC Meeting of the Minds Conference, hosted by The Florida State University Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors to showcase student accomplishments in research, Godbey presented his work and served as a university liaison to students attending from other schools. That same year, Godbey was named one of eight 2008 Outstanding Senior Scholars at Florida State.

The recipient of the John Mark Caffrey and Biological Science Alumni scholarships, Godbey says he has truly enjoyed his time at Florida State.

“Attending FSU and experiencing all I’ve been through the past four years has, without a doubt, shaped who I am today,” he says. “I’ve always been diligent and enthusiastic, but my accomplishments here have only fueled my desire to go further and fulfill my aspirations to the fullest, no matter how lofty.”

After graduation, Godbey plans to attend veterinary school at either the University of Florida or Cornell University, he says. “After receiving my D.V.M., I am seriously considering joining the Veterinary Corps of the U.S. Army. Whatever I decide, I want to practice veterinary medicine until I retire.”