Student Star: Julianna Hendley

Orientation Leader

Name: Julianna Hendley

“I always tell my students it is important to get involved, whether in their residence hall, in a spiritual connection, or in a student organization.”

“Ever since I was born, I’ve been a ‘family affair.’ Without them, I don’t know where I’d be. I will be eternally grateful for my grandparents’ sacrifice so that I could attend college. My aunt is my best friend, and I’ll always be a daddy’s girl. I feel blessed to have such a strong support system,” says Julianna Hendley.

Not surprisingly, this Family and Child Sciences major enjoys studying the family unit, how it has changed over the decades, and how family relationships impact children. “Children are fascinating. I find it very interesting how they develop and change so much over a short period of time.”

Julianna’s home away from home is Florida State. “Through the years, I have learned new skills and developed personal strength and a respect for the traditions and customs that Seminoles hold dear.” This has led her to serve as director of Renegade Recess for the Homecoming Executive Committee. “Homecoming is FSU’s greatest tradition. The event pulls the community together so that past and present students can show their appreciation for the wonderful place that is FSU.”

Because she has “so much love for this University and believes it is important to give back,” Julianna became an Orientation leader. “Making such big changes can be daunting. I always tell my students it is important to get involved, whether in their residence hall, in a spiritual connection, or in a student organization. Whenever I see the students on campus, they are thriving academically and getting involved, and it makes me feel proud.”

Orientation has also taught Julianna a great deal about herself—”The communication skills, personal interactions, time management, and diligence I have learned are truly gifts that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.” About working with a team—”We could not do it all alone, and we know that.” And about customer service—”It’s all about building friendships with the people you work with and the people you serve. Our team feels less like 40 different co-workers and more like a close-knit family, which helps us better serve the families and students.”

Participating in Orientation has led Julianna from an interest in Family and Child Sciences to that of Higher Education. She recently served as a First Year Experience (FYE) peer leader. “It’s exciting working with a team of Student Affairs’ professionals, and I now see how much work professors put in to designing their classes each semester.”

After graduation next spring, Julianna plans to pursue her master’s in Higher Education, specifically Student Affairs. “I really enjoy working with college students and in the university atmosphere.”