Student Star: Kendall Peddie

Senior, Recreation and Leisure Services Administration

Name: Kendall Peddie

“We all have gifts and abilities; it's our choice what we make of them. I carry this idea with me through my coursework, job, and even my participation in sports. Excellence is a way of life.”

“I owe my success to my parents, to their generosity and support. They taught me to work hard and earn respect through excellence. We all have gifts and abilities; it’s our choice what we make of them. I carry this idea with me through my coursework, job, and even my participation in sports. Excellence is a way of life,” says Kendall Peddie, a senior majoring in Recreation and Leisure Services Administration who has appeared on the President’s List the past four semesters.

Desiring a career in event planning, Kendall was attracted to the coursework required for her major. “We learn, in a hands-on environment, how recreation is an important part of our everyday lives, the skills necessary to plan and produce programs of all types and for all age groups, how to evaluate those programs, and how to plan and manage facilities for those programs. Our courses include group and individual projects that allow us to demonstrate our skills in the ‘real world,’ and my electives offer in-depth focus in my specialization—special events.”

Being in college has taught Kendall just how important leisure is for the human mind. Her particular “stress reliever” is intramural sports. “Those few nights a week are my sanity during a busy schedule of school and work. It’s important for everyone to find a sense of peace in this hectic, fast-paced world, and intramural sports are a great way to get involved, make friends, improve skills, and have fun while staying in shape.”

As treasurer of the Seminole Collegiate Recreation Professionals (SCRP) club, Kendall helps to raise money to send the club’s 60 student members to professional conferences, where they can enhance their education in preparation for their careers. SCRP also offers networking opportunities with professionals in the field, paving the way for internships and employment.

Last semester she was elected to serve as her department’s junior class representative, a position which allows her to present any issue to the faculty members. “They take student feedback and input very seriously. I am allowed one vote, equal to the faculty, on any relevant issue, and then report decisions made back to my classmates.”

For the benefit of football lovers—and at FSU who isn’t?—Kendall helps the Bobby Bowden True Seminole Tailgate, a “safe alternative” for students attending home games that is sponsored by the Seminole Boosters. She says, “There is free food and a DJ. For the football throw competition, and bean bag and water balloon tosses, the Boosters provide prizes. It’s a great way to gear up for the game.”

After graduation next spring, Kendall plans to wed her fiancé. “I look forward to settling down and getting started on my career—working for a local association that provides continuing education conferences for its members.”