Student Star: Tiffany Troutman

Name: Tiffany Troutman
Major: Chemistry & Biochemistry

“Dancing for 32 hours is painful, but it is also insightful—it shows you the pain and suffering some children endure every day.”

“My grandfather, an obstetrician, delivered babies until he was 80. When I was in middle school, people started telling me I was going to be the next Dr. Troutman. The title stuck,” says Tiffany Troutman.

“When I first volunteered at a local hospital, I witnessed children scarred by accidents, dog bites, and abuse. I couldn’t help but wonder what they would grow up to look like; it became a huge area of interest for me. I hope to boost the self-esteem of such children by specializing in Pediatric Reconstructive Surgery.”

Aware of the knowledge required for a career as a surgeon, Tiffany, an Honors student, is carrying a heavy academic load—a double major in Chemistry and Biochemistry, as well as a double minor in Math and Biology. And she is gaining health care experience through volunteering. “Community service is my favorite activity, particularly the work I’ve done for the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital (TMH) and for the Children’s Miracle Network.

“Anyone who is interested in health care should look into FSU’s Arts in Medicine Program at TMH; it’s a great opportunity to see first hand what you might be getting yourself into. I have participated for three years in Dance Marathon, which raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network, and have signed up again this year. Dancing for 32 hours is painful, but it is also insightful—it shows you the pain and suffering some children endure every day.”

To acquire leadership skills, Tiffany has served in numerous positions for Phi Mu Fraternity (founded in 1852, before the word “sorority” was coined). As a freshman, she was the junior delegate to all Panhellenic meetings; website cabinet head, responsible for updating Phi Mu’s website; and theme cabinet head, responsible for the creative wall paintings on Copeland Street. As a sophomore, she was elected to chapter treasurer, and recently served as chair of Grandslam, the Interfraternity Council’s annual softball tournament, which benefits the Children’s Miracle Network.

Because of her superb academic standing (President’s List) and her service to the community, Tiffany was chosen from among nationwide applicants to receive the Frances Munson McAdams Memorial Fund Scholarship, which was presented by Phi Mu. She says, “I cannot be more proud to represent Phi Mu in such a way.”

The past two years as a Freshman Interest Group leader, Tiffany says, have been “amazing experiences.” First, she helped teach the Human Experience section, dispensing critical information and getting her students involved in campus activities. This past semester, she instructed the Psychology section, her original major. “I had never thought about becoming a teacher, but now I would definitely consider it, although I won’t give up my dream to become a doctor.”