Phillip Liebson

Phillip Liebson, a graduate student in the Recreation and Leisure Service Administration program, wants to expose you…to the great outdoors! You can take the short course on FSU’s outdoor resources simply by glancing at his resume.

Phillip is the Head Trip Leader at the university’s Outdoor Pursuits, a program offered through Campus Recreation that emphasizes adventure, environmental awareness, challenge, and personal development through a variety of outdoor activities and opportunities.

He’s also facilitator for the FSU Challenge, an initiative that requires group collaboration to complete challenge courses and a series of problem-solving activities, including crossing an imaginary canyon, climbing a wall, and moving through a gigantic spider’s web.

And he wants to expose your younger brothers and sisters, and children. As program director for FSU Adventure Day Camp, Phillip directs activities, including water safety, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, arts and crafts, cooking, swimming, and challenge courses, for boys and girls ages 8–13.

Phillip’s resume also includes membership in Rho Phi Lambda, a national honorary fraternity for the recreation, park, and leisure services profession. He earned his place through outstanding scholarship, leadership in service to the community and to the University, and service to the profession.