A Message from President John Thrasher: Condemning Violence in Nation’s Capital

This message to all students, faculty and staff has been approved by John Thrasher, President of Florida State University.

Dear FSU Family,

Like everyone, I was shocked and deeply disturbed to watch yesterday’s events unfold in our nation’s capital. I strongly condemn this abhorrent display of violence and lawlessness, and as an institution of higher education, we have a responsibility to speak out against it. America deserves better.

At Florida State University, we reaffirm our commitment to freedom of expression as a constitutional right and encourage civil dialogue and respectful political engagement. Free speech and peaceful demonstration are central to this country’s DNA. But these exchanges should never lead to violence, and we must protect the principles this country was founded on and the institutions that represent our democracy.

FSU’s Center for Leadership and Social Change is planning to hold listening sessions and other opportunities for faculty and students to have constructive dialogue. Our new nonpartisan Institute of Politics is also planning a speaker series and other events to promote civil political discourse. You will be hearing more about these events and other resources in the coming days.

Despite yesterday’s events, I have faith in the strength and resilience of our democracy. I call on all of us to support the peaceful transition of power, end the polarization that is dividing our country and work together to build a more unified America.


John Thrasher