FSU to wirelessly power students

Florida State University Libraries and Powermat Technologies have embarked on a joint venture that will install Powermat Charging Spots on campus and help students keep their digital lifestyles powered throughout the day.

Becoming just the second university globally to offer wireless power on campus, the FSU Libraries integrated Powermat technology into high-traffic common spaces in both Strozier and Dirac Libraries, transforming them into fully enhanced mobile optimized venues.

“Students are back on campus and course work is heating up," said Julia Zimmerman, dean of Florida State University Libraries. “It’s important for the library to support the technology that keeps them connected to the information and learning resources they need. We have lots of requests from students to provide more access to power and more ways to keep up-to-date on University news. Powermat is a perfect blend.”

Staying powered is more important for students than ever before, and remains a top concern and source of anxiety for mobile consumers. While it’s now common for newer phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5 to be equipped with built-in wireless technology, for other devices, students can simply borrow or purchase their own ‘Powermat Ring’ online.

“We’re proud to partner with Florida State University and provide wireless power to students who are renowned for their strength, skill and character,” said Carlo Chiarello, CPO of Powermat Technologies. “Following closely behind the installation of our charging platform at California State University, San Bernardino, Powermat has now developed mobile optimized campuses on both coasts.”

In addition to helping students stay connected, the Powermat platform has the unique ability to allow universities to send targeted and contextual information and updates to students as they charge devices or when they are on the go.

“Having the ability to manage the technology and engage students beyond a simple charging solution is one reason why we decided to partner with Powermat,” Zimmerman said. “The platform will allow us to monitor the charging spots, take full advantage of usage trends and engage students with university-sponsored information via the Powermat application when they charge.”

Florida State students can download the Powermat app here.