President announces good news about fundraising

Eric J. Barron

Florida State University President Eric J. Barron has distributed the following message regarding fundraising at the university.

I wanted to share with all of you some truly great news on the fundraising front. We closed the books June 30th on a successful year. Despite the fact that our economy is still struggling and philanthropy for education is down slightly more than 3 percent nationally, we have a much better story:

The Foundation raised 32 percent more money for academics than last year. Last year we raised $39.3 million. This year we set a goal of $40 million, and raised a remarkable $51.8 million.

The Boosters raised 2.4 percent more money for athletics than last year. Last year we raised $24.5 million. This year the Boosters set a goal of $23 million and raised $25 million.

The total number of cash gifts — up 18 percent.

The number of donors making pledges — up 23 percent.

The number of gifts received grew from 27,000 to 31,616.

Annual giving from the PhoneCenter and direct mail — up 48 percent.

Significantly, more than 19 percent of our faculty and staff gave back to academics.

And, as we move into a new year of fund-raising, we can be optimistic about our potential.

Our first quarter pipeline of potential donors for fund-raising is three times larger than it was at this time last year. In line with plans from our deans, we are likely to set our academic goal more than 50 percent higher than the year we just completed.

Florida State has generated a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement, and this is reflected in our fund-raising efforts during the year. Our development staff has been working diligently to promote philanthropy even in the face of a poor economy. Molly and I have already made 19 trips to talk with donors and to hold alumni events. I can tell you that the excitement is contagious and our alumni and friends are eager to help Florida State become even more successful.

Please let me thank you profusely for your support of Florida State. I am truly appreciative of your generosity.