Presidential Search Advisory Committee updates schedule

The Florida State University presidential search schedule has now been finalized.

The search consultant, John Hicks of Academic Search, Inc., has sent the following information to the members of the Presidential Search Advisory Committee (PSAC):

"By design, this is now an expedited schedule because of the current national atmosphere created by numerous concurrent searches for university presidents and by other factors affecting the very open and public nature of the search in which some top candidates would be expected to apply toward the end of the search process. The search will remain open until a candidate is selected.

"The search must move forward in a timely manner while top candidates are available. Expedited schedules have been successful in Florida and elsewhere in similar searches and under similar circumstances."

Tuesday, November 24: PSAC members begin individual review of candidate files posted at the Academic Search, Inc., Web site. These files will also be accessible to the public.

Tuesday, December 1, 2 p.m.: PSAC meets at the Florida State Alumni Center Grand Ballroom, 1030 W. Tennessee St., Tallahassee, to review applications and identify and invite candidates for on-campus interviews.

Wednesday-Friday, December 2-4: PSAC conducts interviews on campus in Tallahassee (schedule, locations TBA) with selected candidates. Constituency groups also have opportunities to interview candidates (schedule, locations TBA).

The PSAC will meet after the conclusion of the final interview to prepare their comments on candidates for forwarding to the Board of Trustees.

Schedule and location details will be posted on the university’s Presidential Search Web site at: