Center for Global Engagement welcomes its newest group of international students to FSU

Florida State University’s Center for Global Engagement welcomed 568 new international students to campus this fall from 83 countries and areas, making this the largest number of new incoming international students to arrive to FSU. The group is comprised of 188 undergraduates and 380 graduate students.

Of these new arrivals, 118 had been admitted to prior semesters and were studying remotely from their home countries due to visa delays and travel restrictions. Twenty-eight new admits for fall will have to study remotely this semester due to inability to get visas in time to arrive by the beginning of classes.

More than 87 of FSU’s incoming international undergraduate students are transferring from FSU’s Republic of Panama branch campus, which serves as a hub for partnership development and U.S.-style education in Latin America. Students from the FSU-Panama campus come from various countries in Latin America, as well as the Republic of Panama.

Most new students attended virtual orientation sessions in August, as well as an in-person session on September 1 to meet their international student advisors and tour the campus. Students made new friends and networked during the International Coffee Hour on August 27 held for international students and scholars. To ensure that new and continuing international students stay up to date on immigration regulations and learn about resources and workshops available to them throughout campus, CGE sends out a monthly International Student Newsletter and provides additional resources on the CGE’s Canvas organization site.

New student Anas Alghamdi from Saudi Arabia begins his master’s in public health (MPH) this semester with the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy. “I love FSU! I did my undergrad at the University of Michigan, and coming down here it’s a different atmosphere. When selecting my graduate program, I searched for a major with a concentration in health policy,” Alghamdi said.

“I found that FSU’s faculty includes leaders in the field, such as Dr. Alan Rowan, a renowned environmental epidemiologist, and Dr. Shamarial Roberson, Deputy Secretary for the State of Florida Department of Health. The state of Florida itself has one of the biggest public health budgets,” Alghamdi shared. “I appreciate the support I’ve received this past year from my MPH program advisor, Sabrina Smith, and Quinn O’Brien with the Center for Global Engagement who have both been so helpful in my journey to get here.”

Jackie Yong, master’s student from Malaysia studying music, expressed his excitement to arrive and study at FSU’s main campus. “I am so thrilled and proud to become part of the FSU community,” Yong said. “I love how scenic the campus is, especially the Jacobean and Gothic style buildings with noble garnet brick walls. It makes me feel like I’m in a movie! I’m so ready to be filled with Seminole spirit, contribute to the College of Music, and create tons of precious memories in my coming years at FSU. Go ‘Noles!”

Nelson Jean Francois, Fulbright student from Haiti, arrived this August to begin his master’s in social work. He. is interested in community empowerment, recreational and leisure social policy, and participation. “My hope for the future is to learn from the U.S. social work system either in classes and professional experiences,” Jean Francois said. “I really hope to earn a PhD to before getting back to my home country.”

This fall FSU is hosting 35 international exchange students from 18 partner institutions in 8 countries: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Japan, and South Korea. FSU’s Global Exchanges also offer the opportunity for FSU students to study at one of our 45+ international partner universities while paying FSU tuition, earning FSU credits, and using their financial aid. This fall 11 FSU students will study at nine international partner universities in seven different countries: France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Japan, and South Korea.

FSU students interested in going on an exchange are encouraged to attend a weekly information session. Students can request an individual information session or attend one in-person every Wednesday at 1 pm and Friday at 12 pm in The Globe (GME Building) Room 2300. Visit to learn more.

This story was provided by the Center for Global Engagement at Florida State University.