Relief for Nepal Earthquake Victims: A message from the Nepalese Student Association

Dear FSU family,

You may already be aware that Nepal is going through a severe humanitarian crisis currently after 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit near Kathmandu on Saturday. To put things into perspective, this earthquake is approximately 22 times more powerful than the 2010 Haiti earthquake that claimed lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Several students from our department, including myself, have families and relatives in Kathmandu valley, which was severely affected. While our immediate families and friends are safe at present, others were not so lucky. The death toll is more than 4,000 by the most recent estimate, and is quickly escalating. Thousands have been injured and countless have lost homes. Most of our relatives and friends have been forced to camp outside in the open to avoid aftershocks, some of which have been higher than 6.0 magnitude.

The survivors have been forced to fight rain and thunderstorms on top of frequent aftershocks and are in dire need of basic humanitarian assistance to supply basic needs like food, water, clothes, tents and medicine, etc. Though it’s very humbling to see the international community promptly respond to Nepal’s situation, remote villages that were majorly hit by the earthquake have received almost no help so far. At this time of adversity I, on behalf of all Nepalese at FSU, would like to personally request each one of you to please contribute whatever amount is possible towards the rescue process.

We, the Nepalese people, will greatly appreciate your help. Thank you.

With Best Regards,

Nabin Rijal
Ph.D. Candidate and Research Assistant
Department of Physics, FSU

How to Contribute
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