Playing with Numbers: Math Department hosts FSU Math Fun Day

See how math can help break codes, improve your tic-tac-toe game and more at the annual FSU Math Fun Day.

The Department of Mathematics is hosting an annual day of math activities that includes exhibits and exercises for the general public, including students and teachers. Activities are available for all students in grades K-12.

“With Math Fun Day, we are trying to get the general public, and especially school kids, excited about mathematics,” said Monica Hurdal, professor of mathematics at FSU and organizer of the event. “The purpose of Math Fun Day is to celebrate the importance, ubiquity, beauty and fun of mathematics.”

The daylong event will have workshops where the public can learn about code breaking, modeling and counting strategies. They can also do hands-on activities such as building 2-D and 3-D fractals, which are infinitely repeating patterns that occur in nature.

The day concludes with a public lecture from Richard Bertram, the Marion Bradley Brennan Professor of Mathematics, who will discuss mathematical modeling research on diabetes.

The event will take place:


1 – 5 P.M.




For more information, visit the FSU Math Fun Day website. The web page also includes a registration form that interested participants can fill out in advance of the event. Onsite registration is also available.