Local innovators stand out with efforts to commercialize research

More than 100 Florida State University inventors, researchers and creators were honored April 14 for their efforts to transform their research into commercially available products and services during the 10th Annual Innovators’ Reception.

“FSU is home to a vibrant research community, rich with talent, passion and incredible expertise,” said Vice President for Research Gary K. Ostrander. “But the individuals being honored at the Innovators’ Reception deserve special recognition for their willingness to pack up their research and venture down the complicated road of commercialization.”

The event recognized individuals at various stages of the commercialization process, such as filing an invention disclosure or submitting a patent application. But the highest honors were reserved for the researchers who have taken significant steps on the commercialization path. They included individuals who won an FSU commercialization grant (GAP award), received a patent, signed a license agreement or started a company based on their research.

“Commercializing research can be a very tricky thing, full of surprise, disappointment and frustration,” Ostrander said. “But what it presents in difficulty, it more than makes up for in raw potential for direct, long-term benefit to the world.”

To help convey the accomplishments of those being honored, four videos premiered during the event showcasing the stories of different researchers and their teams who have achieved significant milestones in the commercialization process. Links to the videos are as follows:

Creating a Non-Addictive ADHD Drug

Developing Reading Assessments for 21 st Century Students

Combating the Pre-Term Labor Problem

Solving the World’s Food Issues with Organic Farming

To learn more about FSU innovations and the researchers behind them, visit http://about.research.fsu.edu/.