Kroto to lead discussion, ‘The GooYouWiki World and the Educational Revolution’

Nobel Prize winner and Florida State University chemistry and biochemistry Professor Sir Harold Kroto recently began a series of five weekly discussions for FSU undergraduates to explore the important role of art and science in our lives. Called “Five Days of Opening Minds,” the series has featured a different topic of discussion each week focused on opening minds to new ideas and new ways of thinking about our world and our place in the universe.

“Five Days of Opening Minds” will conclude on Wednesday, Oct. 17, with a discussion titled “The GooYouWiki World and the Educational Revolution.” The series finale will look at the Internet and the astounding improvements this technological wonder has created for education on a global scale.

The lecture will run from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at FSU’s Student Life Center Theater. While a detailed knowledge of science is not necessary to attend the event, a general interest in the subject would help increase enjoyment. For more information, visit