FSU College of Music presents University Wind Orchestra

A graduate flute student prepares during rehearsal. (FSU College of Music/Jenna Montes)
A graduate flute student prepares during rehearsal. (FSU College of Music/Jenna Montes)

The Florida State University College of Music and the University Musical Associates are proud to conclude their season with a concert of classical wind music from recent decades performed by the highly acclaimed University Wind Orchestra.

The event will take place:


7:30 P.M. 





The University Wind Orchestra is Florida State’s premier graduate wind band. The ensemble engages in professional-level study of wind literature important to contemporary performing practices. Their campus performances are supplemented by periodic tours, selected artist concert series, conventions and conference appearances.

“I invite everyone to hear this diverse and colorful program, which includes contemporary composers Jodie Blackshaw, Kevin Day, Giovanni Santos, Omar Thomas and Viet Cuong,” said conductor Richard Clary. “It will be my privilege to perform with the wonderful musicians of the University Wind Orchestra in this exciting event.”

This concert features a variety of works that center on celebration and joy. Some notable pieces include Giuseppe Verdi’s “La Forza Del Destino” (The Force of Destiny or The Power of Fate), an orchestral transcription from the Italian opera of the same name. It features fanfare brass and fluttering woodwinds that embody the theme of fate.

Another notable piece on the program is the classic “Suite Française” by Darius Milhaud. This piece celebrates the victory of World War II and America’s assistance in the liberation of France. Each movement is titled as a different French province that the Allies helped to liberate over the course of the war. Milhaud wrote this piece with young American musicians in mind, specifically those in high school and college for which he wanted to provide melodies from the parts of France where their family members and fellow Americans fought.

“The Wind Orchestra concert in beautiful Ruby Diamond Concert Hall brings the University Musical Associates season to a close with an amazing collection of wind and percussion standards along with newly composed works,” said Dean of Community Engagement Greg Jones. “Professional-level talent continues to be on display as our students come together to share this varied program of wonderful compositions.”

For tickets, please visit tickets.music.fsu.edu. This event will be livestreamed. Please visit wfsu.org/fsumusic at the event date and time to access the feed.

For more information on the event, please contact:
Richard Clary, Senior Band Conductor, Professor of Wind Ensemble Studies, FSU College of Music
(850) 980-4695; rclary@fsu.edu

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Jenna Montes, marketing associate, FSU College of Music
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