First on-campus screening of “The Bowden Dynasty”

The Florida State University Seminole Boosters, in conjunction with the Division of Student Affairs, presented the first ever on-campus screening of “The Bowden Dynasty,” a feature-length documentary film that explores the life and times of legendary FSU football coach Bobby Bowden. The screening took place Nov. 10 at the Askew Student Life Cinema. It coincided with Bowden’s birthday week to celebrate the Nov. 9 worldwide digital premiere of the film for download on platforms such as Apple TV, iTunes and Amazon Prime Video. Bowden died Aug. 8 at the age of 91.

Half of the proceeds from the film’s digital release will be donated to FSU, benefiting the Seminole Boosters, which supports FSU Athletics, and FSU’s innovative Collegiate Recovery Program, LIFT. Before his passing, Coach Bowden embraced the idea of giving back to the school with his legacy film. A Q&A was held before the screening with two of the film’s producers, John Corry and Mike Ortoll, both FSU alumni, Chelsea Shores, graduate assistant to LIFT, and Associate Director of Athletics Rob Wilson.