Experts: Crime

William D. Bales

Professor of Criminology, Faculty Affiliate at the Center for Criminology and Public Policy Research

Bill Bales is an expert on sentencing, the effectiveness and consequences of punishment strategies, the evaluation of correctional practices and programs, and prisoner recidivism.

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Kevin Beaver

Kevin Beaver

Beaver is an expert on biosocial criminology, which explores the biological and environmental factors involved in crime and antisocial behavior.

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Thomas Blomberg

Blomberg is an expert on criminology research and public policy; delinquency, education and crime desistance; penology and social control; and victim services. His ongoing research includes examining the relationship between educational achievement among incarcerated youthful offenders and successful community reintegration.

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Carter Hay

Professor & Graduate Program Director, College of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Hay is an expert on the causes of crime and delinquency, particularly causes related to the family environment and its implication for the development of self-control. He also is an expert on the use of evidence-based practices in the juvenile justice system.

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Daniel P. Mears

Mark C. Stafford Professor of Criminology

Dan Mears is an expert on mental health, public opinion and other aspects of mass shooting tragedies. His research expertise includes juvenile and criminal justice policy, crime theory, public opinion, “supertax” prisons, mental health, religion, sentencing and reentry.

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Patricia Warren-Hightower

Professor & Director, Undergraduate Program

Warren-Hightower is a professor in the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice and the director of the college’s undergraduate program.  She is an expert on social control and punishment, racial and gender stratification, racial profiling, collateral consequences of incarceration and the school-to-prison pipeline.

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