FSU researchers find sea urchin die-offs threaten Caribbean coral reefs

The sustained loss of a once abundant species of sea urchin in the Caribbean could also result in the functional extinction of diverse coral species from the region’s reefs, according to new research from a Florida State University team. The urchin species Diadema antillarum has long been considered the most important grazer in the Caribbean, […]

Mysteries of the Earth: FSU researchers predict how fast ancient magma ocean solidified

Early in the formation of Earth, an ocean of magma covered the planet’s surface and stretched thousands of miles deep into its core. The rate at which that “magma ocean” cooled affected the formation of the distinct layering within the Earth and the chemical makeup of those layers. Previous research estimated that it took hundreds […]

FSU experts available to comment on environmental disaster in East Palestine, Ohio

It’s been three weeks since a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio sparked an environmental disaster that is still unfolding.   A federal investigators’ Feb. 22 announcement that the accident was 100% preventable, came on the same day the Ohio Department of Natural Resources announced that the deaths of 43,700 aquatic animals were tied to the […]

Floorzz, LLC named fastest growing FSU alumni-owned business

Florida State University recognized the fastest-growing companies owned or led by FSU alumni during the 6th annual Seminole 100 Celebration Saturday night at the FSU Student Union Ballroom. The 2023 fastest-growing business, Floorzz, LLC, is led by FSU alumni Crissie Anderson (M.S. ’05, Ph.D. ’09) and Mike Anderson (B.S. ’04). The company, based in Miramar […]

Working up an appetite: FSU psychologist awarded $1.6M NIH grant to study how the brain regulates eating behaviors

Obesity is a widespread problem, with the National Institutes of Health reporting more than two in five adults in the U.S. are considered obese or severely obese. But what occurs in the brain that leads someone to reach for food, whether they are hungry or not? A Florida State University researcher has received a four-year, […]

Powering Up: Research team develops strategy for better solid-state batteries

A team from Florida State University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has developed a new strategy to build solid-state batteries that are less dependent on specific chemical elements, particularly pricey metals with supply chain issues. Their work was published in the journal Science. Bin Ouyang, an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, […]

Study by FSU researchers finds resilience to natural disasters lags in Black communities

Years after Hurricane Michael devastated Florida’s Gulf Coast, residents of that area are still struggling to overcome the trauma of the Category 5 storm.  In a recent study, FSU researchers found that trauma and a host of psychosocial and physical challenges caused by Hurricane Michael are disproportionately affecting the region’s Black communities.   “These are […]

Fourteen FSU graduate students join latest cohort of McKnight Fellows 

Fourteen Florida State University graduate students from underrepresented populations are part of the 2022-2023 cohort of McKnight Doctoral and Dissertation Fellows, funded by the Florida Education Fund, or FEF. The FEF’s McKnight Doctoral and Dissertation Fellowship Programs are designed to address the underrepresentation of African American and Hispanic faculty at colleges and universities in Florida […]

FSU College of Music professor debuts documentary exploring relationships between music and society in Africa 

A Florida State University College of Music professor will showcase an award-winning documentary exploring the rich history and discography of the African rhumba band Mlimani Park Orchestra, or Sikinde. “Beloved Youth of Many Days: Stories About Mlimani Park Orchestra,” directed by Frank Gunderson, professor of musicology, will screen at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 1, at […]

‘Incredible win’: FSU ties for top spot in prestigious stock-pitch competition 

Two College of Business students saw to it last week that business schools throughout the country would take stock of Florida State University. Sophomore Mason Pullum and junior Cole Clemons, both finance majors, tied for first place with a team from Virginia’s Washington and Lee University in the 9th annual Student Managed Investment Fund Stock […]

FSU Alumni Association to host Inspire Awards in Fort Lauderdale

Florida State University’s Alumni Association will host the Inspire Awards, presented by The Women for FSU and Kyle Cavan Jewelry in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The Inspire Awards is presented during Women’s History Month to alumnae who have “shattered the glass ceiling” in their industries and have given back to FSU. “At the forefront of our […]