Institute of Molecular Biophysics

Florida State University remembers renowned structural biologist Donald Caspar

Donald Caspar, professor emeritus in Florida State University’s Institute of Molecular Biophysics and a celebrated scientist who spent much of his career studying viruses, died Nov. 27. He was 94. Caspar coined the term “structural biology,” now used by researchers worldwide to describe the field focused on identifying the molecular structures and interactions of biological […]

Roach-like bug lights way to understanding how muscles work

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in science, it sometimes takes a thousand photos to tell the whole story. Florida State University researchers have assembled the first atomic-level resolution image of part of a molecule that produces force in muscle contraction, an accomplishment that is opening new avenues of research into […]

FSU biochemists shed light on how cells move resources

Florida State University researchers have new insight into the tiny packages that cells use to move molecules, a structure that is key to cellular metabolism, drug delivery and more. Their research uncovered more about the proteins that form the outer structure of those cellular packages. The work was published in the journal Science Advances. “Just […]