Anna Speer 

Published: | 10:50 am

Anna Speer knew at an early age that her passion for art and drawing would guide her career path. When […]

Rosalyn Wadsworth

Published: | 1:45 pm

Florida State University senior Rosalyn Wadsworth grew up thinking archaeology was not a realistic career choice. However, through opportunities at […]

Andrew Taylor

Published: | 10:48 am

Andrew Taylor always held an interest in science and a persistent curiosity. Now he holds a prestigious distinction at Florida […]

Aoife Trotter

Published: | 12:19 pm

Growing up, Florida State University junior Aoife Trotter always knew she wanted to pursue a career focused on helping others. […]

Anne-Marie Senatus

Published: | 3:53 pm

When she first arrived in Palm Beach, Florida, at the age of 11 from her native Haiti, Anne-Marie Senatus spoke no […]

Matthew Forrest

Published: | 12:22 pm

Like so many of us, Tallahassee native Matthew Forrest was unclear about his career goals when he first came to […]

John Sutor

Published: | 9:58 am

John Sutor was a junior in high school when he first visited Florida State University as a participant in the Young […]

Erin Murphy

Published: | 9:49 am

Erin Murphy has made sure to seize every opportunity that has come her way at Florida State University. A native of St. Petersburg, Fla., […]

Ava Dodd

Published: | 10:57 am

While touring colleges in high school, Ava Dodd immediately felt a connection to Florida State University’s campus and knew this […]

Michelle Grand

Published: | 12:09 pm

When considering a college to pursue a civil engineering degree, Michelle Grand knew exactly what she was looking for, and […]