FSU celebrates 2024 Leadership Awards Night

Students from the Student Florida Education Association accept the Impact Award at the 2024 Leadership Awards Night on April 9. (Division of Student Affairs)

Florida State University students, employees and registered student organizations were recognized during the annual Leadership Awards Night on April 9.

The awards, sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs, honor the diverse collection of individuals and groups across campus who engage in leadership and service.

Here are this year’s awards and recipients:

The President’s Award recognized Sela Teplin as an outstanding freshman for service to the university and for showing potential for leadership success.

The Bob E. Leach Award was given to Melody Morrison for displaying exemplary leadership and service to the university and for her attitude of “caring and sharing.”

The Sean A. Pittman Award, given to a student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and dedication to the student body, university and community with significant contributions to the welfare and support of Black students, was awarded to Dynasty Griffith.

The J.R. Harding Award was awarded to Isabella DiGiorgio for demonstrating outstanding leadership abilities and exceptional persistence in achieving educational goals while overcoming personal obstacles.

The Dean’s Cup, awarded to students who have demonstrated a strong sense of commitment to the university’s Seminole Creed of truthfulness, respect, excellence, freedom of speech and inquiry, diversity, justice, citizenship and discovery, was given to Malena Romero, Brittany Gummerman and Jesus Avila.

The Transfer Student Award was given to Roshu Senthil, who demonstrated service to both the transfer student community and the university and shows potential for future leadership success.

The University Health Services Student of the Year Award, given to one student or a group of students who demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievement in promoting health issues, was awarded to the Medical Response Unit.

The Humanitarian of the Year Award was received by Nadia Rassech to recognize a tremendous commitment to a cause through leadership and service.

The Global Citizen Award, given to students actively engaged in intercultural initiatives and exemplified leadership in promoting a global community, was awarded to Nadia Rassech and Yeimy Roberto.

The Student Seminole Awards were given to Brianna Morales, Catherine Wondra, Tanushree Dhage, Dudley Mayard Jr., Taylor Sharpe, Dennis Warner Jr. and Melissa Garcia for their special contributions to the university in leadership and service.

The Faculty/Staff Seminole Awards, which recognizes faculty and staff members who demonstrate an exemplary attitude toward students, are enthusiastic about working with students and extend themselves to help students, was received by Thomas Vatter, Ann Del Rossi and Katelyn White.

The Outstanding Student Leader Awards, given to nominees across all categories who exhibit impressive involvement across multiple areas of campus and show leadership with or without leadership titles, were awarded to Andres Felipe Gil Arana, Josh Nover, Matthew Daniels, Samantha Stokes and Irma Alvarado.

The College of Applied Studies Leadership Award was given to Kathryn Barley-Dier and Hailey Philips, two students from each FSU College of Applied Studies.

The Vires Award, given to a student organization that exemplifies determination and perseverance, was awarded to the Honors Student Association.

The Artes Award recognized the Political Discourse Club as a registered student organization that exemplifies scholastic achievement.

The Mores Award recognized the African Graduate Student Association for outstanding contributions to the university’s Seminole tradition.

The Connect Awards are given to one student organization and one individual student who have shown active involvement by engaging community and campus resources, understand their impact on the FSU community, host and participate in activities that encourage inclusive and safe environments and bridge the gap between students, faculty, staff and alumni. This year, the recipients were the Music Teachers National Association and Erick Rivers.

The Belong Awards, given to one student organization and one individual student who plan effective programs, demonstrate emotional intelligence, collaborate across campus and help create a sense of belonging at FSU, were received by the AcaBelles and Veronica White.

The Evolve Awards, given to one student organization and one individual student who uphold mindfulness, respect and accountability when engaging with any community, were won by the Mental Health Council and Elizabeth Schutte.

The Impact Awards were given to one student organization and one individual student who relate the skills acquired through their involvement to their career and personal growth, construct programs that promote professional development and wellness habits, and measure their impact on the student body. The winners were the Student Florida Education Association and Naomi Katumalla.

The Advisor of the Year Award, for an employee who contributes time and expertise as a volunteer to a student organization, was awarded to Elizabeth Foster.

The Mary B. Coburn Student Organization of the Year Award, presented to an undergraduate student organization and a graduate student organization for their major contributions to the university community or constituent group in the areas of service and leadership, was awarded to Relay For Life at FSU.

For more information, visit leadershipawards.fsu.edu.