FSU celebrates its leaders

President's Award recipient John Wilcox and VP of Student Affairs Mary Coburn.

Florida State University students, employees and organizations that have exemplified leadership through achievement or service over the past year were recognized April 14 during the university’s Leadership Awards Night. The ceremony was organized by the Division of Student Affairs.

The awards and their recipients are as follows:

President’s Award, presented to an outstanding first year student who has demonstrated service to the university and who shows great potential for future leadership and success. John Wilcox

President’s Undergraduate Humanitarian of the Year Award , presented to students who exhibit tremendous commitment to a cause through leadership and service. Nominees and the winner receive funds from FSU to donate in their name to a charity of their choice. Jamie Klein

Bob E. Leach Award , presented to one student who is known not only for exemplary leadership and service to the university, but also for the “caring and sharing” attitude exhibited through this service. Daniel Hubbard

Academic Leadership Awards ,presented to one undergraduate and/or one graduate student in each FSU college. The award is based on academic performance, university service, and other contributions both in and out of the classroom.

Bob E. Leach Award and Student Seminole Award recipient Daniel Hubbard and VP of Student Affairs Mary Coburn.
Bob E. Leach Award and Student Seminole Award recipient Daniel Hubbard and VP of Student Affairs Mary Coburn.

Arts and Sciences, Angela Porcellini
Business, David Kuhn
Business, Lauren Perlman
College of Engineering, Russell Hamerski
College of Engineering, Davis George Moye
College of Fine Arts, Katie Timmerman
College of Fine Arts, Rebecca Thompson
College of Human Sciences, Chelsea Payne
College of Human Sciences, Ann Frost Brown
College of Motion Picture Arts, Erica Chan
College of Motion Picture Arts, Katherine Barnette
Communication Information, Azmat Rasul
Communication Information, Rachel Bryson
Education, Catherine Burke
Education, Fabrizio Fornara
Law, Chandrese Colebrooke
Medicine, Alessandra Taylor
Music, Mary Grace Conroy
Music, Richard Lee
Social Sciences and Public Policy, Alexandra Olsen
Social Work, Lindsay Greene
Social Work, Michael Barnes
Undergraduate Studies, Rachael Dannell Mack Undergraduate Studies, Michelle Lorrainne Sauer

Sean A. Pittman Award , presented to one student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and dedication to the student body, university, and community with significant contributions to the welfare and support of African-American students. Rachael Mack

J.R. Harding Award , presented to a student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities and exceptional persistence in achieving educational goals while overcoming personal obstacles. Jacques Toussaint

Sport Club Program Awards , given to the Sport Club that has far exceeded expectations, both on and off the field of play based upon organization, attitude, spirit, and commitment. Racquetball

The Sport Club Member of the Year (Eddie Cubbon Award) , given to the individual that has displayed exceptional dedication, spirit and leadership. Hailey Phillips

Inter-Residence Hall Council Awards ,presented to students of university residence halls participating in hall government and other areas of Residence Life at FSU.
Hall Government Member of the Year, Alexis Harrell
Hall Government Executive of the Year, Jacob Hyman Hall Government President of the Year, Sydney Ollar

Healthy Campus 2020 Leadership Award , presented to one student or group of students who have demonstrated outstanding leadershipand achievement in promoting health issues within the campus community.
Lane Peterson Rachelle Cucco

Global Citizen Award , given to up to two outstanding students who have been actively engaged in intercultural initiatives and have exemplified leadership in promoting and supporting a global community among Florida State University students.
Austin Wisdom Daniela Donoso Garcia

Dean of Students Award (The Dean’s Cup) , presented to those students who have demonstrated a strong sense of commitment to the eight tenets of the Seminole Creed: Truthfulness, Respect, Excellence, Freedom of Speech and Inquiry, Diversity, Justice, Citizenship and Discovery.
Atlee Ahern
Ireney Duval Stephanie Contreras

Frink/Longmire Student Alumni Association Scholarship , recognizes four Student Alumni Association (SAA) members for their active involvement within both SAA and the FSU community.
Daniel Bell
Kaelynn Chambliss
Katherine “Katie” Phipps Sydney Brehm

Student Activities Center Awards , recognize student leaders who have helped create their FSU experience through their involvement in student activities. The Instant Impact Student Leader of the Year Award recognizes one up-and-coming leader, while the Outstanding Student Leader recognizes those who have exceeded expectations in their Student Activities involvement.
Outstanding Student Leader Award, Nathan Grater
Outstanding Student Leader Award, Allison Maldonado-Ruiz
Outstanding Student Leader Award, Anndi Liggett Instant Impact Award, Victoria Jones

William B. Clutter Union Board Member of the Year , given to a student who has shown exceptional dedication, service, and commitment to the FSU community.
Patrick Preston Rachel Sticco

Faculty Staff Seminole Awards , presented to faculty and staff members who are responsible for major contributions to the university through their service to students.
Mary Ann Moore
Eva Amsler
Aline Kalbian Chiang Shih

Student Seminole Awards , presented to students who have made special contributions to the university in the areas of leadership and service.
Marie-Claire Levy
Susanna Zom
Emily Singer
Janelle King
Katrina Pitt
Sarah Green
Daniel Hubbard
Kimberly Lees
Alexander Kristal Jenna Jackson

Transfer Student Leadership Award , presented to one outstanding transfer student who has demonstrated service to the University and shows potential for future leadership success. Devon Stewart

Advisor of the Year Award , presented to one FSU faculty or staff member who contributes exceptional time and expertise in a volunteer capacity to a student organization at FSU. Joab Corey

Student Organization of the Year Award , presented to one recognized student organization at FSU that has been responsible for major contributions to the university community or constituent group in the areas of service and leadership.
Undergraduate, PeaceJam FSU Graduate, FSUCares

Vires Award , presented to an organization that has exhibited exemplary determination and perseverance. Sisters2Service

Artes Award , presented to an organization that has exhibited excellence in scholastic achievement. Transcultural Research and Education

Mores Awards, presented to an organization that has exhibited outstanding contributions to the Seminole tradition. Asian American Student Union

“It’s On Us” Recognition
Edward Corrothers Ric Mathis