MagLab launches new website

A new website launched by the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in January offers site visitors more science content, a revamped education section, and a modern, mobile-friendly look that better showcases the lab’s instruments, research output and expertise.

Integrating the National MagLab’s new brand, the site features significant enhancements for its varied audiences, including:

For scientists

  • Dozens of new pages written by scientists that showcase the measurement techniques available to scientists at the lab’s seven facilities.
  • Details on new magnets being built at the MagLab that will open new frontiers in research
  • Monthly science highlights that promote the most exciting new research at the lab
  • Updates on high-profile publications generated by MagLab research
  • Search functions for finding the magnets and measurement techniques needed for your experiment
  • Easy access to experiment schedules and to the system for submitting proposals

For educators and students

For everyone

  • A responsive site that adapts to your device
  • A clean, modern design featuring more photos, image galleries and lab panoramas
  • A calendar to keep you up to date on MagLab events and deadlines
  • Better integration with MagLab social media
  • More stories for lay readers on the lab’s people, research and tools
  • Numerous features that make it easier to find content