FSU research makes Valentine’s Day news

Attracting Cupid’s arrow is the year-round subject of Jon Maner, an FSU assistant professor of psychology, but his research on the who’s and why’s of love, romance and attraction has drawn special media attention on Valentine’s Day 2008.

Media around the world, from CNN International to Yahoo!, from the International Herald Tribune to local newspapers, have used Maner’s research as a peg for Valentine’s Days features.

The articles and videos focus on Maner’s study of jealousy and rivalry. His findings, originally published in the September issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, shows that, in the words of an Associated Press article, “while people of each gender tend to ogle beautiful people of the opposite sex, they also check out good-looking rivals who might show interest in their partner.”
You can check out a sampling of the media coverage here or see FSU’s original report on Maner’s research.

The media coverage was spurred by an FSU news release, which won a regional Award of Excellence award from CASE (the Council for Advancement and Support of Education).