FSU College of Nursing boasts 95.41% pass rate on national licensure exam

College of Nursing student learns how to use medical equipment in the college's simulation lab.

The Florida State University College of Nursing achieved a 95.41% first-time pass rate on the 2023 National Council Licensure Examination of Nurses, or NCLEX.

This surpasses not only the national average of 90% but also the state average of 92% for all the universities within the State University System of Florida.

“This is our best result in six years, and a testament to the hard work and dedication of our faculty, staff and students,” said Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs Steven J. Palazzo. “We are proud to offer a nursing program that promotes culturally responsive care across the lifespan. Our students use clinical reasoning and evidence-based practice to provide exceptional nursing care in the community.”

The college’s success reflects its commitment to excellence in nursing education. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning through clinical experiences and simulation labs, preparing students for the rigors of the NCLEX and real-world nursing practice.

The FSU College of Nursing’s strong pass rate is particularly noteworthy considering the challenging nature of the NCLEX, which emphasizes scenario-based problem-solving.

“The complexity of today’s health care landscape demands highly skilled and adaptable nurses,” said FSU College of Nursing Dean Jing Wang. “Our program equips graduates with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to navigate the challenges of the NCLEX and thrive in their careers.”

The College of Nursing has been focused on significantly expanding its undergraduate program to meet society’s needs, especially the state’s critical nursing shortage, a move that has been supported through investment and funding from the State of Florida. As the program has grown, the college has also amplified student services support, primarily through the creation of the Student Success Center.

“Students often cite faculty support as a major factor in their success, so we have increased faculty hiring and faculty development to ensure every future nurse has access to these important educational resources,” said Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Susan Baker.

To learn more about the FSU College of Nursing research centers, labs and programs, visit nursing.fsu.edu.