College of Medicine announces residencies for 2011 graduating class

All 114 students in the Class of 2011 — the seventh and largest class to graduate from the medical school — found out during a Match Day ceremony today where they will enter residency training this summer after graduation.

Sixty-one of the graduating students, or 54 percent, are entering residency in primary care specialties, including family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine and obstetrics/gynecology. Other students matched in anesthesiology, emergency medicine, neurology, orthopedic surgery, otolaryngology, pathology, psychiatry, diagnostic radiology, general surgery and urology.

"I’m very pleased that once again our students have matched at excellent programs throughout Florida and the rest of the country. We are producing great students who are sought out by the best programs," said College of Medicine Dean John P. Fogarty. "I am also pleased that the top choices for our students continue to be in primary care and general surgery, consistent with our mission of creating the kind of doctors that Florida needs the most."

At the same time, Fogarty said, the number of students leaving the state for training is a strong indication of the need for more residency programs in Florida.

"Partnerships like the one we just established with Tallahassee Memorial Hospital to sponsor an internal medicine residency are critical to meeting Florida’s physician work force needs," he said.

The residency match, conducted annually by the National Resident Matching Program, is the primary system that matches applicants to residency programs with available positions at U.S. teaching hospitals. Graduating medical students across the country receive their match information at the same time on the same day.

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