Faculty and Staff Briefs September 2023

Florida State University’s faculty and staff are central to its mission and the key to its countless accomplishments.

Throughout the year, honors and recognitions are awarded to individual faculty and staff members across campus. Faculty and Staff Briefs are produced monthly to recognize accomplishments and provide a space where honors, awards, bylines, presentations, grants, service and any other notable items can be showcased.



Michael Killian, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) co-authored “Directly Observed Therapy to Promote Medication Adherence in Adolescent Heart Transplant Recipients” which was selected as a 2021-2022 International Pediatric Transplant Association Pediatric Transplant Journal Award winner by the journals Editors-in-Chief and Editorial Board. 

Sue Titus Reid, Ph.D. (College of Social Sciences and Public Policy) will be honored by Cornell College during the President’s Reception at Homecoming as an Honorary Alumna. She began her academic career at the university 60 years ago as the youngest person ever hired. 

Candace Ward, Ph.D. (Department of English) was awarded the Linda H. Peterson Fellowship from the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals. 

Selena Snowden, AuD (School of Communication Science and Disorders) received the certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Contributions in Clinical Achievement from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. 


Cynthia Wilson, Ph.D., CFLE and Bonnie Wertenberger, MS (Florida Center for Prevention Research at FSU) received a five-year, $625,000 grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to implement a Drug Free Communities Support Program in Wakulla County, in collaboration with the Wakulla County Coalition for Youth. 

Andrea De Giorgi, Ph.D. (Department of Classics) was awarded the 2023 Archaeological Institute of America Subvention Grant. 

Weikuan Yu, Ph.D. (Department of Computer Science) was awarded an $83,000 grant for research on I/O performance characterization and optimization from Lawrence Livermore National Lab. 

Amanda Tazaz, Ph.D. (Learning Systems Institute) received a “GP-IN: Bridging the Gap into Geosciences for Underrepresented Pre-college Populations through Experiential Learning Opportunities” grant from the National Science Foundation. The project will create four geoscience summer camp programs for high school students at the Boys and Girls Club of the Big Bend. 

Melissa Gross, Ph.D. and Don Latham, Ph.D. (School of Information) received the FY2023 National Leadership Grants-Libraries award from the Institute of Museum and Library Services for their project “Social Services in Public Libraries.” 

Carla Wood, Ph.D. (School of Communication Science and Disorders) received a $2.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education for doctoral leadership training. The project “TP-3 Team-Based Research and Teaching to Prepare Experts in Language, Literacy and Learning” will support 10 doctoral students for five years of training. 

Carla Wood, Ph.D. (School of Communication Science and Disorders) received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education for a master’s-level bilingual training program, TEO Team Enhanced Outcomes, which will support 45 master’s students in speech pathology. 

The Learning Systems Institute has been awarded a grant to pilot the Primary Teaching Residency Program at two Teaching Training Institutions in Rwanda.  Ana H. Marty, Ph.D. will serve as the Principal Investigator on the project with support from Marion Fesmire, Ed.D. and Kate Schell, MA (Learning Systems Institute). 

Karen MacDonell, Ph.D. (College of Medicine), partners at several universities and the Institute of HIV Research and Innovation, received National Institutes of Health funding for a five-year project “Optimizing and mHealth Intervention to Improve Uptake and Adherence of the HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis in Vulnerable Adolescents and Emerging Adults.” 

Karen MacDonell, Ph.D., Sylvie Naar, Ph.D. (College of Medicine) and partners at several universities received funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to support “Adapting mHealth Interventions to Improve Self-Management of HIV and Substance Use Among Emerging Adults in Zambia.” 


Qiuchang (Katy) Cao, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) co-authored the study “A Mixed-Method Social Network Analysis of Low-Income Diverse Older Volunteers” published by Journal of Applied Gerontologist. 

Elizabeth Ray, Ph.D. (College of Communication and Information), Anne Perko, J.D., Lyndi Bradley, MSW, Karen Oehme, J.D. (Institute for Family Violence Studies) and James Clark, Ph.D. (Office of the Provost) co-authored “Well-Being on Campus: Testing the Impact of a Web-Based Intervention for Resilience on First-Year Students” published by the Southern Communication Journal. 

Michael Killian, Ph.D. and Lisa Schelbe, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) co-authored “Engaging Adolescent Heart Transplant Recipients Through In-App Messaging During Mobile Health Intervention” published by Progress in Transplantation. 

Michael Killian, Ph.D., Callie Little, Ph.D. and Savarra Howry, MSW (College of Social Work) co-authored the study “Demographic Factors, Medication Adherence, and Post-Transplant Health Outcomes: A Longitudinal Multilevel Modeling Approach” published by the Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings. 

Kristy Anderson, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) co-authored the study “More than Just a Variable: The Need to Explicitly Focus on Black Youth Within Autism Transitions Research” published in Autism in Adulthood. 

Jacob Eisler, Ph.D. (College of Law) authored “The Law of Freedom: The Supreme Court and Democracy” published by Cambridge University Press. 

Shawn Bayern, J.D. (College of Law) authored “The Analytical Failures of Law and Economics” published by Cambridge University Press. 

Anne Coldiron, Ph.D. (Department of English) authored “Inside the Kaleidoscope: Translation’s Challenge to Critical Concepts” published by Publications of the Modern Language Association of America (PMLA) and proposed and coordinated the 486-page special topic issue of PMLA on translation. 

Andrew Epstein, Ph.D. (Department of English) authored “David Berman, Ambivalent Aphorist” published by Post45: Contemporaries. 

Franz Prichard, Ph.D. (Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics) authored “Seeing Through the In/Visible: Akagi Shūji and the Limits of ‘Environmental Restoration” published by Japanese Studies. 

Paul Renfro, Ph.D. (Department of History) published “The Left Can’t Stop Wondering Where Bill Clinton Went Wrong. The Answer Explains a Lot” in Slate magazine. 

Tim Stover, Ph.D. (Department of Classics) authored “Valerius Flaccus and Imperial Latin Epic” published by Oxford University Press. 

Yasmeen Hamza, Ph.D. (School of Communication Science and Disorders) authored “Representation of Fricatives in Subcortical Model Responses: Comparisons with Human Consonant Perception” published by The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 

Carla Wood, Ph.D., Keisey Fumero, Ph.D. (School of Communication Science and Disorders) and doctoral student Kiana Hines coauthored “Go, Going, Goed: Relation Between Verb Tense Errors and Reading Comprehension Skills in English Learners” published by Communication Disorders Quarterly. 

Sonia Haiduc, Ph.D. (Department of Computer Science), doctoral student Abdulkarim Malkadi and doctoral candidate Ahmad Tayeb co-authored “Improving Code Extraction from Coding Screencasts using a Code-Aware Encoder-Decoder Model” published by the 38th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering. 

Sara K. Jones, Ph.D., Deirdre M. McCarthy, Gregg D. Stanwood, Ph.D., Pradeep G. Bhide, Ph.D. (College of Medicine) and Christopher Schatschneider, Ph.D. (College of Arts and Sciences) co-authored “Learning and Memory Deficits Produced by Aspartame and Heritable via the Paternal Lineage” published by Scientific Reports. 

Angelina Sutin, Ph.D., Martina Luchetti, Ph.D. and Antonio Terracciano, Ph.D. (College of Medicine) co-authored “Change in Purpose in Life Before and After Onset of Cognitive Impairment” published by the Journal of the American Medical Association Open Network. 

Sylvie Naar, Ph.D. (College of Medicine) co-authored “Effects of Teacher Training and Continued Support on the Delivery of an Evidence-Based HIV Prevention Program: Findings from a National Implementation Study in the Bahamas” published by Health Education & Behavior. 

Sylvie Naar, Ph.D. (College of Medicine) was the lead author of “Efficient and Effective Measurement of Provider Competence in Community-Based Substance Use Treatment Settings: Performance of the Motivational Interviewing Coach Rating Scale (MI-CRS)” published by the Journal of Substance Use and Addiction. 

Michael Nair-Collins, Ph.D. (College of Medicine) co-authored “Frequent Preservation of Neurologic Function in Brain Death and Brainstem Death Entails False-Positive Misdiagnosis and Cerebral Perfusion” published by AJOB Neuroscience. Nair-Collins authored “Must Hypothalamic Neurosecretory Function Cease for Brain Death Determination? Yes: The UDDA Revision Series” published in Neurology, and “Abortion, Brain Death, and Coercion” published by the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry. 

Paul McLeod, MD (College of Medicine) authored a guest column in the Pensacola News-Journal on how the Pensacola Regional Campus and its community partners/faculty has helped battle the shortage of primary-care physicians in the area. 

Armand B. Cognetta Jr., MD (College of Medicine) co-authored “Endocrine Mucin-Producing Sweat Gland Carcinoma with Regional Metastases in an African American female” published by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. 


Cynthia Wilson, Ph.D. (Florida Center for Prevention Research) and doctoral student Kaley de Leon co-presented “How to Implement Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Practices” for the National Council on Family Relations. 

Stephen Tripodi, Ph.D. and Tanya Renn, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) presented “Delivering Trauma-Informed Care with Incarcerated Individuals in a United States Jail” at the 23rd Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology in Florence, Italy. 

Michelle Bumatay, Ph.D. (Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics) presented the keynote address “Black Bandes Dessinées and/as Restitution” at Cambridge University for the Joint Conference of the International Graphic Novel and Comics and the International Bande Dessinée Society. 

Dean Falk, Ph.D. (Department of Anthropology) presented “Will the Real Hans Asperger Please Stand Up? – Letters from the Round Table” at Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research in Klosterneuburg, Austria. 

Robert Romanchuk, Ph.D. (Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics) presented the paper “Digenis Akritis and the Septuagint” at the International Research Workshop “Jews and Slavs in the Middle Ages” hosted by the Israel Science Foundation and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Nahsholim, Israel. 

Alice Maxwell, MS, Alycia Malicz, Emmaline Massaglia and Jaden Austin, MS (Division of Student Affairs Marketing and Communications) presented “Hello FSU!: An Integrated Marketing Communications and Student Success Campaign” for the College News Association of the Carolinas. 

Shannon Hall-Mills, Ph.D., Kelly Farquharson, Ph.D. (School of Communication Science and Disorders) and doctoral students Anne Reed and Kiana Hines presented at the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading’s annual conference in Queensland, Australia. Hall-Mills gave the podium presentation “Exploring the Relationship of Academic Vocabulary Use and Writing Quality Across Genres in Adolescent Writing” and Farquharson presented “Print Referencing During Sharing Book Reading: A Practice-Based Coaching Study with Paraeducators Working with Children with Speech and Language Delays.” 

Faye Jones, Ph.D. (School of Information) presented “Addressing the Context of Hispanic, Latinx and Chicanx Students in CS at PWIs, eHSIs and HSIs” and “Tracking CS Student Success in Education and Career Pathways with a BPC Perspective” at the STARS Celebration Conference in Dallas, Texas. 

Ebe Randeree, Ph.D. (College of Communication and Information) presented “Alumni Engagement Strategies” and “STARS 101 Workshop” at the STARS Celebration Conference in Dallas, Texas. 

Eundeok Kim, Ph.D. (College of Entrepreneurship) presented the paper “Democratizing Access to Entrepreneurial Support: Driving Innovation and Sustainable Solutions through Increased Diversity” at the 2023 International Conference on Sustainable Development at Columbia University in New York, NY. 

Jennie Robinette, M.Ed. (Learning Systems Institute) presented the Keynote presentation “Foundational Learning Skills: The Building Blocks for Success” at the First National Foundational Literacy Symposium in Malawi.  

Robert Schoen, Ph.D. (Learning Systems Institute and School of Teacher Education) presented the results of a randomized controlled trial of a curriculum unit and teacher professional development program in seventh-grade statistics at the Joint Statistical Meeting in Toronto, Canada. 

Robert Schoen, Ph.D. (Learning Systems Institute and School of Teacher Education) delivered the presentation “Open Science: What, Why and How?” to the Florida Virtual Campus and was a keynote speaker at FSU’s Open Scholars Project Symposium. 

Li Yeoh, D.M.A., M.P.T. (College of Music) presented “Keys to Resilience: The Art & Science of Piano Rebuilding” at the 19th Australasian Piano Tuners and Technicians Association Convention in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. The presentation was revealed through Florida State University Piano Technology master’s degree program grand piano rebuilding projects. 


Lisa Jackson, MS (College of Social Work) joined the Board of Directors of the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth. Jackson assisted with the development of a Single Point of Contact Toolkit to support the recruitment, retention and graduation of students experiencing homelessness. 

Jeff Bates, MA (Student Conduct and Community Standards) was selected as one of the six individuals across the country to serve as a faculty member for the Student Conduct 101 program offered through the Association for Student Conduct Administration.   

Heather A. Flynn, Ph.D. (College of Medicine) has been elected president of the International Society of Interpersonal Psychotherapy (ISIPT) for the 2023-2025 term.  

The Center for Translational Behavioral Science’s Scale It Up Florida team (College of Medicine) participated in the annual Tallahassee AIDS walk. 


Henry Zhuhao Wang, S.J.D. (College of Law) was selected as one of two inaugural New Voices in Dispute Resolution Scholars by the Association of American Law Schools Alternative Dispute Resolution Section. 

Kelli Alces Williams, J.D. (College of Law) was selected for membership in the American Law Institute which is bestowed on the nation’s most prominent judges, lawyers and law professors. 

Aimée Boutin, Ph.D. (Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics) participated in the conference “Uncommon Senses IV” at the Centre for Sensory Studies at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. Boutin also presented a paper at the Society for French Studies 64th Annual Conference in Newcastle, England. 

Sonia Haiduc, Ph.D. (Department of Computer Science) was selected as the General Chair for the 39th International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution. 

Shuyuan Metcalfe, Ph.D. (School of Information) got her patent “Systems and Methods for Detecting Deception in Computer-Mediated Communications” approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

As part of the Strengthening Teacher Education and Practice (STEP) Activity in Malawi, Certificates of Course Completion for the Foundational Literacy Course were presented to 120 participants. The Permanent Secretary for Basic Education in Malawi also formally launched the STEP activity at the start of the 1st National Foundational Literacy Symposium, where 27 Participatory Action Research projects were presented. Adrienne Barnes-Story, Ph.D. is the Principal Investigator on the project with support from Jeremy Koch and Nicky Robertson (Learning Systems Institute).

Since 2014, LSI has worked with the U.S. State Department and in partnership with Santa Fe College to conduct the Community College Administrator Program. Throughout September, the FSU team conducted weekly virtual meetings with 20 participants from Mexico, offering presentations on U.S. secondary, vocational, and higher education systems. Jeffrey Milligan, Ph.D is the Principal Investigator on the project with support from George Bishop, Ph.D. and Flavia Ramos-Mattoussi, Ph.D. (Learning Systems Institute).

The Learning Systems Institute is supporting the ABC+: Advancing Basic Education in the Philippines Activity. A recently held dissemination activity, “Inspiring Evidence-Based Practice: Research Findings and Knowledge Sharing for Early Grade Excellence,” attracted approximately 160 representatives from teacher education institutions in the region, DepEd district officials, school division superintendents, and non-government organizations. Ana H. Marty, Ph.D. is the Principal Investigator on the project with support from Rachel Keune, Ed.D., Marion Fesmire, Ed.D. and Kate Schell (Learning Systems Institute).

Elise Elegeert, Ph.D. (College of Medicine) graduated with her doctorate in Medical Sciences from A.T. Still University in Arizona. 

Jessica Bahorski, Ph.D. (College of Nursing) attended the annual meeting of the U.S. Society of the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease. 

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