Faculty and Staff Briefs July 2023

Florida State University’s faculty and staff are central to its mission and the key to its countless accomplishments.

Throughout the year, honors and recognitions are awarded to individual faculty and staff members across campus. Faculty and Staff Briefs are produced monthly to recognize accomplishments and provide a space where honors, awards, bylines, presentations, grants, service and any other notable items can be showcased.



Kelly Farquharson, Ph.D. and Richard Morris, Ph.D. (School of Communication Science & Disorders) was elected a fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Selena Snowden, Ph.D. (School of Communication Science & Disorders) was awarded the Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Contributions in Clinical Achievement from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Deanna C. Hughes (University Housing) was recognized by Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA) Womxn in Student Affairs as a Phenomenal Friday honoree. Deanna is working on her doctorate and conducting research on the underrepresentation of Black and Latinx Women Senior Housing Officers at four-year public research colleges and universities.

Minjee Kim, Ph.D. (Department of Urban and Regional Planning) was awarded the 2023 ACSP-Lincoln Institute Curriculum Innovation Award for the course URP 5939-0002 Zoning for Equity.

Steven Palazzo, Ph.D. (College of Nursing) has been selected as a 2023 Fellow in the Academy of Nursing Education. He joins an esteemed group of 23 nurse educators who have been selected for this honor. The Academy’s membership includes leading nurse educators from various higher education programs, teaching hospitals, and organizations dedicated to advancing health care quality globally.

Shannon Staten, Ph.D. (University Housing) was awarded the James C. Grimm Leadership and Service Award at the Association of College & University Housing Officers – International (ACUHO-I) conference for her significant contributions to ACUHO-I and the campus housing profession.


Kaitlin Lansford, Ph.D. (School of Communication Science & Disorders) was awarded an Impact Award from the Parkinson’s Foundation. This award provides seed funding to support her proposal, “Speaker and listener strategies to improve intelligibility in PD.”

Mia Liza Lustria, Ph.D. (College of Communication & Information) is serving as co-investigator on a $1.67 million National Institutes of Health grant awarded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to evaluate the impact of an innovative medication adherence mobile app for adolescent heart transplant patients across multiple pediatric heart transplant centers. Principal investigators include Michael Killian, Ph.D. (FSU College of Social Work) and Dr. Dipankar Gupta (University of Florida’s Congenital Heart Center).

Julia Sheffler, Ph.D. (College of Medicine) and Ravinder Nagpal, Ph.D. (College of Health and Human Sciences) were awarded a $350,000 Florida Department of Health Ed and Ethel Moore Alzheimer’s grant for their project “A scalable Mediterranean-ketogenic nutrition intervention to improve gut and brain health in underserved rural older adults with mild cognitive impairment.”

Flavia Ramos-Mattoussi, Ed.D. (Learning Systems Institute) has been awarded $3,000,000 to support the USAID-funded Egypt Teacher Excellence Initiative (TEI) project (2022-2027). This is implemented by the Educational Development Center, Inc. in partnership with Florida State University (Learning Systems Institute and the School of Teacher Education) from 2022 to 2027. Ramos-Mattoussi serves as the principal investigator, with Jeffrey Milligan, Ph.D., and Kathy Clark, Ph.D., as co-principal investigators.


Shamra Boel-Studt, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) co-authored the article “Reflections on Care Experiences Among Early, Middle, and Late Adolescents in Residential Care” published in the journal Developmental Child Welfare.

Mariya Letdin, Ph.D., Stacy Sirmans, Ph.D. and Tingyu Zhou, Ph.D. (College of Business) co-published “The Role of Tenant Characteristics in Retail Cap Rate Variation” in the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics.

Qiong “Joanna” Wu, Ph.D. (College of Health and Human Sciences) and doctoral students, including lead author Karina Jalapa, co-authored the article “Multigenerational Homes Buffered Behavioral Problems among Children of Latinx but not White non-Latinx Mothers” published in Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology.

Michael Ormsbee, Ph.D. (College of Health and Human Sciences) co-authored “Pre-sleep feeding, sleep quality, and markers of recovery in division I NCAA female soccer players,” published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Co-authors include graduate students Casey Greenwalt and Liliana Renteria.

Prashant Singh, Ph.D., Ravinder Nagpal, Ph.D. and Bahram Arjmandi, Ph.D. (College of Health and Human Sciences) co-authored, “Resistant starches from dietary pulses modulate the gut metabolome in association with microbiome in a humanized murine model of ageing,” published in Scientific Reports. Co-authors include doctoral students Saurabh Kadyan and Gwoncheol Park.

Anand “Sunny” Narayanan, Ph.D. (College of Health and Human Sciences) authored the article “Gravity’s effect on biology” for Frontiers in Physiology. He also authored chapters on guiding principles, metrics and indicators, and global methodologies for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association’s Planet Positive 2030 initiative and compendium document.

Zduy Chu, Ed.D. (Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs) wrote an article for Leadership Exchange titled “Building The Student Affairs Network” published by Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA). The article highlights his experience in the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program.

Tanya Renn, Ph.D., Stephen Tripodi, Ph.D., and Lauren Herod, M.S.W., M.P.A. (College of Social Work) coauthored the article “Behavioral health literacy: A new construct to improve outcomes among incarcerated individuals” in the International Journal of Social Welfare.

Paul Renfro, Ph.D. (Department of History) published “Pinning the Rise of Neoliberalism on Ronald Reagan Lets Democrats Off Easy” in Jacobin.

Patricia A Homan, Ph.D. (Department of Sociology) co-authored “Racialized Health Inequities: Quantifying Socioeconomic and Stress Pathways Using Moderated Mediation” in Demography.

Sue Titus Reid, J.D., Ph.D. (Askew School of Public Administration and Policy) published her forty-first text and the twelfth edition of her book “Criminal Justice Essentials.” It  will be available in bound volumes later this month.

Gashaye Tefera, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) coauthored “COVID-19 and Migrant Coping Strategies: A Person in Environment Perspective on Experience of Malawian Migrant living in South Africa” in the Journal of Social Service Research.

Jeffrey Lacasse, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) coauthored “Is Social Work Research in Crisis?” in Research Social Work Practice.


Dr. Sophia Rahming, Ph.D. (Center for the Advancement of Teaching) presented with other national leaders in student affairs at the July 2023 National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Mathematics Roundtable on Systemic Change in Undergraduate STEM Education on strategies for creating caring institutions and “student-ready colleges.”

Tingyu Zhou, Ph.D. (College of Business) presented “The Failure of Department Stores” at the Global Chinese Real Estate Congress Conference at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Ebe Randeree, Ph.D. (College of Communication & Information) presented at the 57th annual Florida Association of Career and Technical Education Conference on “Which CTSO is right for your students (DECA, SkillsUSA, TSA, FBLA)” in Orlando, Fla.

Ravinder Nagpal, Ph.D., (College of Health and Human Sciences) was invited to give a talk titled “Gut-Biome-Brain Axis in Alzheimer’s Disease: is Sepsis the Missing Link?” at the annual meeting of the U.S. Shock Society in Portland, Ore. He also recently co-authored publications for various journals including the Journal of Experimental Medicine, Life Sciences, Clinical Science and Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences.

Kristina Finch, M.S., and Lisa Magruder, Ph.D. (Florida Institute for Child Welfare) co-led two sessions at the 2023 Florida Coalition for Children Conference in Bonita Springs, FL. One highlighted the work of the Institute (GROWing Together: The Florida Institute for Child Welfare’s Approach to Innovative Workforce Programming); the other, co-hosted with John Cooper (Kids Central, Inc.) was a community cafe focused on current recruitment issues in the Florida child welfare system (Starting with Selection: Exploring Innovations in Hiring to Promote Workforce Stability).

John Scanlon and Tristen Hyatt, Ph.D. (Career Center), led a roundtable discussion on “Career Counselors Role with Veterans’ Career Transitions: Thank You for Your Service! What’s Next?” at the National Career Development (NCDA) Global Conference.

Ben Wicker (University Housing) presented “Managing Up Utilizing Personality Types” at Campus Home LIVE! for the Association of College & University Housing Officers – International.

Deanna C. Hughes (University Housing) presented the session “Big Wheels Keep on Turning: How Women Mid-Level Managers Find Support and Build Resiliency” at Campus Home LIVE! for aspiring and current women in mid-level management and the supervisors and colleagues who support them.

James A. Palmer, Ph.D. (Department of History) presented the paper “Imagining Islam in Late Medieval Rome: The Case of the Anonimo Romano” at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds, United Kingdom.

Nilay Özok-Gündoğan, Ph.D. (Department of History) presented the paper “Beyond a ‘usable past’: An Agenda for a Contemporary History of Kurds and Kurdistan” at the New Perspectives on Social and Economic History of Modern Turkey Third Workshop of the DFG-Research Network Contemporary History of Turkey.

Suzanne Sinke, Ph.D. (Department of History) presented the paper “Moving for Health: Dutch Americans and U.S. Migrations Related to Health and Wellness” at the Association for the Advancement of Dutch American Studies conference at Trinity Christian College.

David Merrick, M.S. (Emergency Management & Homeland Security Program) presented the findings of the National Science Foundation sponsored project “Data Collection for Robot-Oriented Disaster Site Modeling at Champlain Towers South Collapse” at the annual Foundational Research in Robotics and National Robotics Initiative Principal Investigators’ Meeting.

Audrey Heffron Casserleigh, Ph.D., Laura Hart, M.P.A. and Chantelle Tuffigo, M.S. (Emergency Management & Homeland Security Program) presented at HERicane in Walton County, Fla. HERicane is an educational outreach initiative to raise awareness among teenage girls about the prospects of a career in emergency management.

David Merrick, M.S. and Jarrett Broder, M.S. (Emergency Management & Homeland Security Program) presented a training workshop to emergency managers and law enforcement personnel at the 2023 Governor’s Hurricane Conference. This training focused on geospatial tools and communication methods to increase situational awareness during disasters.

Robert McDaniel, M.P.A. (Emergency Management & Homeland Security Program) presented a training workshop to emergency management professionals at the 2023 Governor’s Hurricane Conference. The training workshop reviewed the concept of “disaster intelligence” and highlighted how agencies can use open-source intelligence and geospatial intelligence to make improved decisions in disasters.

Jim Reynolds and Robert Hanna (Learning Systems Institute) presented computer science resources that are available on the CPALMS education platform to the Northeast Florida STEM2 Hub annual Computer Science Fest. They also presented to  the Florida Association for Career and Technical Education (FACTE) about the upcoming CTE standards and course descriptions that will be housed on the CPALMS education platform.

Sabrina Quiroga and Jacob Stamm (Career Center) led a roundtable discussion on “Social Identity and Career Decision-Making Through the Lens of CIP Theory” at the National Career Development Association’s (NCDA) Global Conference.

James Sampson, Ph.D., and Janet Lenz, Ph.D. (Career Center) presented “Strategies for Effective Implementation of Career Interventions” at the National Career Development Association’s (NCDA) Global Conference.

Qualandria Brookens and Kelechi Nnaji (Career Center) led a roundtable discussion on “Emerging Adults’ Perceived Quality of Social Media Based Career Information/Career Intentions” at the National Career Development Association’s (NCDA) Global Conference.

Erin Bennett, Casey Dozier, Ph.D. and Danny Chiarodit (Career Center) presented “Hiring, Training, and Managing a Graduate Student Staffed Career Advisor Team” at the National Career Development Association’s (NCDA) Global Conference.

Shannon Staten, Ph.D. (University Housing) presented multiple sessions at Campus Home LIVE! Staten presented as part of a preconference panel on “Business Skills for Success in Housing and Residence Life,” was part of a roundtable panel discussion titled “The impact of State Legislation on Housing and Residence Life”, led a speed mentoring session called “20 New connections in less than an hour: Speed-mentoring for mid managers” and presented an educational session called “Planting the Seeds of Mentorship: Growing professionals in housing and residence life.”


Tingyu Zhou, Ph.D. (College of Business) chaired a panel discussion “ProTech & Innovation” at the Asian Real Estate Society Conference at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Brooke Ott, M.A., and Jennifer Westmoreland, M.S. (School of Communication Science & Disorders) opened a preschool language program in the FSU Speech & Hearing Clinic. The program allows graduate students to gain hands-on experience implementing language skills in a group setting.

Flavia Ramos-Mattoussi, Ed.D. (Learning Systems Institute) is serving as chair of the International Travel Award for Distinguished Service in Educational Reform Committee of the Comparative and International Education Society for the third consecutive year.

Maximilian Etschmaier, Ph.D. (College of Business) continued his service to the University of Pretoria in South Africa, serving as an external evaluator of a candidate for Full Professor.

Yunjung Kim, Ph.D. (School of Communication Science & Disorders) was appointed associate editor of the Journal of Communication Disorders and will serve for a three-year term.


Mafé Brooks (College of Communication and Information) was promoted to Assistant Dean of Development at FSU’s College of Communication and Information.

Michelle Kazmer, Ph.D. (College of Communication and Information) was promoted to Dean of FSU’s College of Communication and Information.

Paul Renfro, Ph.D. (Department of History) was interviewed for the article “The decline of American playtime — and how to resurrect it” in Vox.

Flavia Ramos-Mattoussi, Ed.D. (Learning Systems Institute) has served as co-principal investigator of the Uzbekistan Education for Excellence Program. The four-year project was funded by USAID-Central Asia and implemented by RTI International, with Florida State University and Mississippi State University. She and Dina Vyortkina, Ph.D. (College of Education) have completed a final report “Evaluating the Implementation and Adoption of New English Language Teaching Textbooks: A Study of English Teachers in Grades 1-11 in Uzbekistan’s Public Schools (2022-2023)” that will be published by USAID-Development Experience Clearinghouse.

Bhushan Dahal (Learning Systems Institute) was invited by Kathmandu University to participate on a panel focused on the topic of “Digital Literacy and Integration of Digital Mediums in Education.”

Ana Marty, Ph.D. (Learning Systems Institute) and her ABC+: Advancing Basic Education team is delivering the last week of participatory action research in the Philippines. The LSI team is using its extensive experience to build the research capacity of Bicol University, West Visayas State University and Department of Education stakeholders, focusing on early literacy.

Sue Titus Reid, J.D., Ph.D. (College of Social Sciences and Public Policy) attended the U.S. Supreme Court swearing-in (to its bar) of Logan Parker, an FSU graduate (undergrad and law school) who was a former student in Administrative Law in the Askew School of Public Administration.

Maximilian Etschmaier, Ph.D. (College of Business) was recognized for his 2014 paper “A decision-making system for sustainability of productive enterprises: basing management decision-making on the condition of assets.” It was identified as one of three papers that “have proposed systemic approaches to provide a sustainable policy-making structure” in the 2022 paper “Evaluation of global techno-socio-economic policies for the FEW nexus with an optimal control based approach” in the journal Frontiers of Sustainability.

Flavia Ramos-Mattoussi, Ed.D. (Learning Systems Institute) participated in the Teacher Excellence Initiative (TEI) 2023 Partners Meeting in Cairo, Egypt.

The Learning Systems Institute’s CPALMS staff hosted Florida educators at Innovation Park to develop Career Technical Education (CTE) case studies to be hosted on CPALMS.org. These are the first CTE resources to be developed for Florida teachers via CPALMS. Julie ChappellRobert Hanna, Zaida McGinley, Carrie Meyers, Jim Reynolds, and Sherri Winsett conducted the CTE workshop.

The Learning Systems Institute’s CPALMS staff is working with Aldrin Family Foundation educators that are developing space-related resources at The Center for Space Education, Kennedy Space Center.

Doug Tatum, M.Acc. (Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship) is a member on the Birthing of Giants Board of Experts, where he has also been a regular speaker at various sessions throughout the year.