Issues in Education looks at FSU film school

Dean Frank Patterson and MFA film student Susan Bell from FSU’s acclaimed film school are President T.K. Wetherell’s guests for this month’s Issues in Education program, which will air at 7:30 PM Monday, March 7, on WFSU-TV. Bell has been selected to write and direct one of the school’s master thesis films. The program offers a clip from her directing class project, “The Boarder.”

Panama City viewers can see the program Monday at 6:30 p.m. CST on WFSG-TV. The program will also air statewide on the Sunshine Network.

Wetherell and co-host Suzanne Smith also discuss local and state issues, including the upcoming legislative session, campus neighborhood rezoning and the seventh season of Seven Days of Opening Nights.

The 30-minute program is intended to provide a platform for President Wetherell to discuss critical issues in education with experts in education and related fields. Prior guests have included U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, University of Miami President Donna Shalala, Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings, Nobel Laureate Sir Harold Kroto, FSU benefactor Dr. Charlotte Maguire, director of FSU’s Master Craftsman program Bob Bischoff, Jarrett Eady, FSU Student Government Association President, Coach Bobby Bowden and creative writing professor and noted author Mark Winegardner.

The program is co-hosted by Suzanne Smith of WFSU-TV and FSU-4. Archives of “Issues in Education” are available at