Art you can touch: 3-D printing artifacts

The Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts plays hots to an art exhibit of ancient Etruscan and Roman pottery, which has been recreated with modern 3-D printing technology, making it interactive for the visually impaired because it can be picked up, touched and better understood through accompanying Braille materials.

World-renowned archaeologist and art historian Nancy de Grummond, the M. Lynette Thompson Professor of Classics at FSU and director of excavations at Cetamura del Chianti in Italy, serves as the curator of “Printing Ancient Pottery in 3-D: Etruscan Ceramics from Cetamura del Chianti,” a collaborative effort between the FSU Department of Classics, the Facility for Arts Research (FAR) and the Visual Disabilities Program in the College of Education.

The exhibit runs through Nov. 15. For more information visit