Student Profile October 2015: Cody Moser

Anthropology major Cody Moser had the rare opportunity over the summer of 2014 to conduct research on capuchin monkeys not in the lab, but out in the field in Costa Rica. His primatology research at La Suerte Biological Field Station was carried out through the Maderas Rainforest Conservancy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting Mesoamerican forests, animals and plants. Moser is a passionate scholar when it comes to anthropology and primatology — and is pursuing every opportunity to conduct research and be involved in the community, at Florida State University and beyond.
“Cody is one of those rare students that professors love to find enrolled in their classes,” said Dean Falk, a Florida State professor of anthropology. “He attends the lectures, does the reading, engages in class discussion and is genuinely interested in the subject matter.”