Research as an Economic Engine | Issues in Education (May 2011)

As State Legislators wrap up the work on the Florida budget, this episode explores how University research can be used to help generate new businesses for the state’s economy. The Florida State President Dr. Eric Barron and WFSU-TV’s Suzanne Smith talk with Dean Minardi, chief financial officer of Bing Energy, Inc. The company recently moved their headquarters to Tallahassee to work with FSU researchers who are exploring new frontiers in nanotechnology. Also joining the discussion is John Frasier, executive director of the FSU Office of Intellectual Property Development and Commercialization. He explains how FSU is working with businesses, researchers, and the community to turn research into products that can build businesses and in turn create new jobs. Dr. Barron also discusses the recent announcement that the FSU College of Motion Picture Arts will be collaborating with the digital effects and computer animation company, the Digital Domain Media Group.