FSU Headlines: March 2015

Where did the oil go?

It’s a missing oil mystery. Five years after the Gulf Oil Spill a Florida State researcher cracks the case. Tune in to the March edition of FSU Headlines to hear how Florida State University professor of Oceanography, Jeff Chanton, discovered that six to ten million gallons of the oil is resting on the gulf sea floor.

And stay tuned for more news from campus, including:

-Ukrainian delegation of healthcare advocates visits FSU
-The Seminole Tribe of Florida plays host to Brighton Field Day and Rodeo
-“Stacking Layers II” shows of the latest in 3d printing
-Florida IT Careers Alliance plays host to its spring career fair
-FSU International Programs helps students find their study abroad opportunities
-FSU students get a chance to study with the stars of “Opening Nights”
-Two international basketball stars stand out on and off the court
-Dance Marathon at FSU raises $1 million for charity