Expert: Annika A. Culver

Professor of East Asian Studies

Professor Annika A. Culver is available to discuss topics related to North Korea, US-Japan relations, and Japan- or Korea-related foreign policy issues, and is a scholar in the US-Japan Network for the Future as well as the Bridging the Divide Korea Program with the DC-based Mansfield Foundation. As a historian of modern northeast Asia, she also can answer any questions related to the histories of these areas or about her personal experiences researching and living in these regions. Dr. Culver’s latest book Democratizing Luxury:  Name Brands, Advertising, and Consumption in Modern Japan focuses on Japanese consumer capitalism, so this is another domain where she can provide quotable information to journalists. Due to her interest in cultural history, Professor Culver especially welcomes interviews related to the arts, culture, and the humanities, and how politics might intersect with these fields.

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