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Health Care

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Paolo Annino

Annino is an expert in health care access for young people and children, and legal issues involving Medicaid.

(850) 644-9930
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Dr Leslie M Beitsch

Dr. Beitsch’s focus is on Health Policy. He works within the Division of Health Affairs and directs the Center for Medicine and Public Health as well as the Division of Health Affairs. He is the former commissioner of health for the state of Oklahoma as well as a former deputy secretary for the Florida Department of Health. He can comment on the following topics:

• Health care financing
• Population health
• Medicaid and uninsured
• Public health law
• Social determinants
• Tobacco

(850) 645-1830
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Marshall Kapp

Kapp is an expert on health policymaking, including the constitutional implications of policies such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

(850) 645-9260
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Mark B Seidenfeld

Seidenfeld is recognized as one of the country’s leading scholars on federal administrative law and also has expertise in constitutional law.

(850) 491-1594
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Nat Stern

Stern is an expert on constitutional law issues, including the implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Commerce Clause doctrine of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

(850) 644-1801
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