FSU Master Craftsman Studio celebrates 20 years

For the past 20 years, the FSU Master Craftsman Studio has been adding to the campus’ natural and architectural splendor with hand-crafted artistic pieces. The university marked the studio’s 20-year anniversary with a celebration at the Heritage Museum in Dodd Hall, a location adorned with 40 stained glass windows created by the workshop.

FSU honors Lawton Distinguished Professor

An accomplished chemist who has helped steer the direction of chemical and biological research at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory is being honored as Florida State University’s 2019-2020 Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor. Timothy Cross is a professor of chemistry and biochemistry. Being named a Lawton professor is the highest honor given by FSU […]

Students present remarkable research at the annual President’s Undergraduate Research Showcase

From determining the value of virtual reality technology in autism intervention to studying excitation models of interval-counting neurons, undergraduate students at Florida State University presented a wide variety of impressive research at the 2019 President’s Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence.