FSU Headlines

FSU Headlines: October 2015

A collaborative team of Florida State University and the University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers finds a new species of dinosaur while digging in a remote bone-bed of dinosaur remains in the remote Prince Creek Formation in Alaska. In this month’s FSU Headlines hear why FSU professor Gregory Erickson is excited to find the duck-billed dinosaurs […]

FSU Headlines: July 2015

FSU honors its 2015 Distinguished Teacher Tune in to the July 2015 edition of FSU Headlines to meet Florida State University biology professor Tricia Terebelski. Fellow faculty and students selected Terebelski as this year’s Distinguished Teacher for her dedication and innovative teaching ideas.

FSU Headlines: March 2015

Where did the oil go? It’s a missing oil mystery. Five years after the Gulf Oil Spill a Florida State researcher cracks the case. Tune in to the March edition of FSU Headlines to hear how Florida State University professor of Oceanography, Jeff Chanton, discovered that six to ten million gallons of the oil is […]