Help FSU prevent the spread of the coronavirus

Florida State University requests your cooperation and assistance in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Students: If you have left the Tallahassee-area for any period of time since March 12, do not return to the main campus for any reason until further notice. Residence halls are closed to visitors and to residents who have departed the Tallahassee area during spring break. Specific instructions for the retrieval of personal belongings from campus and residence hall move-out will be announced at a later date. Thank you for your cooperation and patience, and monitor your email for future instructions.

Employees: The university continues to strongly recommend that all students, staff and faculty refrain from personal domestic and international travel except for emergency purposes. Employees who have left the Tallahassee area, and visited any area with community transmission, must notify their immediate supervisor and not return to campus until cleared to do so. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.