Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

Emily Maglin

Published: | 9:43 am

During her time at Florida State University, Emily Maglin, a psychology major who graduated in Spring 2024, participated in the […]

Shaheed Perez

Published: | 11:36 am

Shaheed Perez’s journey at Florida State University has been shaped by a deep passion for physics and a commitment to […]

Katharine Thomas 

Published: | 1:59 pm

Katharine Thomas chose to attend Florida State University for its wealth of involvement opportunities and dedication to a liberal arts […]

Sarah Brophy

Published: | 11:30 am

Ever since she was a child, Sarah Brophy and her family have been involved with organizations that highlight the difference […]

Jack Lyons

Published: | 3:08 pm

As a high school student with a passion for music, Jack Lyons decided to take a lesson with Florida State […]

Michelle Martinez

Published: | 3:48 pm

Michelle Martinez already knew she wanted to pursue a career in health care when she enrolled at Florida State University. […]

Morgan Ling

Published: | 10:07 am

Tallahassee native Morgan Ling was already familiar with Florida State University’s school spirit and traditions before deciding to enroll. Becoming […]

Elena Villamagna

Published: | 10:44 am

As a child, Elena Villamagna knew she wanted to pursue a career in maternal care and all it encompassed. Now, […]

Michelle Evangelista

Published: | 11:03 am

Florida State University senior Michelle Evangelista chose FSU for its stellar study abroad program. With the guidance of FSU’s College […]