Graduation Planning and Strategies Office

FSU’s award-winning degree completion program marks first 5 years of graduation assistance

Andrew Roberts came to Florida State University in 2013 and started out strong, but a tragic turn of events thrust him into a years-long journey to complete his degree. He credits one key university office, and the steady, devoted guidance from a hands-on graduation specialist, for encouraging him to cross the finish line and finally […]

A roadmap to success: Student success is part of the plan and the culture at FSU

Florida State University’s 74-percent graduation rate is the highest in State University System of Florida history and ranks among the top 10 public universities nationally, but for FSU, it is more than just a record-setting number. The achievement also fits squarely within the scope of the university’s expansive strategic plan, which launched in 2017. Student success is one of the plan’s pillars, which university officials have advanced through a combination of new initiatives and established programs […]

FSU encourages high-achieving students to get ‘More in Four’

More than ever, students are pursuing college-level courses in high school, allowing them to finish their undergraduate degrees in record time. Now, Florida State University is offering these high-achieving students an opportunity to participate in “More in Four,” a new program for those who want to maximize their four-year college investment by graduating with a […]

Innovative program puts students back on track to earn FSU degree

Florida State University students are graduating in four years at a record level, but some students encounter unexpected challenges that derail their plans to earn a degree. From limited finances to mental or physical health problems to natural disasters, there’s a wide variety of reasons why students leave college without finishing. “Almost everybody knows someone […]