Earth Day

FSU exhibit celebrating 50th anniversary of Earth Day goes virtual

April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and to commemorate the occasion, Sustainable Campus and Florida State University Libraries’ Special Collections have partnered on an online, virtual exhibit.   Organizers took a local perspective with the curated collection by highlighting the history of Earth Day at FSU and the greater Tallahassee area and celebrating alumni who have made significant, positive impacts on the environment.    Titled “Earth Day 50: […]

Earth Day 2020: FSU celebrates the research that helps us better understand Earth

April 22 marks Earth Day, an occasion to celebrate our shared home in the universe. At Florida State University, people are working every day to better understand that home. In the past year, researchers have investigated climate change on a local level, studied the long-term effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, researched aquaculture across […]

Earth Day: FSU researchers tackle projects examining planet’s sustainability

Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, promotes healthy activities that individuals or organizations can do to help the planet. Often, this means planting trees, creating more opportunities for recycling or encouraging people to use reusable products. For many FSU faculty, sustainability is an important question that often drives their research.  FSU researchers are tackling a […]