Department of Mathematics

Math and physics fun planned for FSU open houses

The fun and wonder of math and physics will take center stage at two free open houses this week at Florida State University. The FSU Physics Department’s “Circus of Physics” and the FSU Mathematics Department’s “Math Fun Day” are planned for March 25 on the FSU campus. Taking its inspiration from the physical laws that […]

Anairis de la Cruz Benito

Rather than shying away from her weaknesses, Anairis de la Cruz Benito made them her strengths when she decided to pursue a doctoral degree in mathematics education at Florida State University. Growing up in Cochoapa, an Indigenous region in Mexico, de la Cruz Benito struggled to understand mathematics throughout her undergraduate studies. Realizing that many […]

Chatterboxes: FSU researcher develops new model that shows how bacteria communicate

When bacteria interact, they give off cellular signals that can trigger a response in their neighbors, causing them to behave in different ways or produce different substances. For example, they can communicate to coordinate movement away from danger or to emit light to ward off predators. In new research published by Biophysical Reports, researchers from […]

Putting a ‘spotlight’ on FSU: Biomathematics program director earns prestigious fellowship

Long before he became a distinguished research professor of mathematics at Florida State University, Richard Bertram was a curious graduate student who joined the Society for Mathematical Biology in hopes of further connecting his interests and research in math and biology. He first attended the organization’s annual meeting in the early 1990s on his own, […]

FSU Mathematics to host international conference on sensitivity analysis methods

The Florida State University Department of Mathematics will host the 10th International Conference on Sensitivity Analysis of Model Output from March 14-16 at the Augustus B. Turnbull III Florida State Conference Center. The SAMO conference, held every three years, is dedicated to advances in research on sensitivity analysis methods and their interdisciplinary applications. Sensitivity analysis […]

FSU Department of Mathematics among top U.S. producers of doctoral degrees

Over the last 20 years, the number of doctorates awarded in mathematics by U.S. institutions has nearly doubled, according to recently published data from the Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED). Florida State University is among the top contributors to that exceptional growth. In the January edition of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society, Florida […]

Quicker calculations: FSU faculty change up classes to find best way to teach math

1 + 1.  2 X 3. The simple math learned as children serves as the building blocks throughout many people’s academic careers. But for many at the collegiate level, math can be a stumbling block, especially for those wishing to pursue degrees in the hard sciences or engineering. At Florida State University, teaching faculty in […]

Making the best decision: Math shows diverse thinkers equal better results

Whether it is ants forming a trail or individuals crossing the street, the exchange of information is key in making everyday decisions. But new Florida State University research shows that the group decision-making process may work best when members process information a bit differently. Bhargav Karamched, assistant professor of mathematics, and a team of researchers published a new study today, that tackles how groups make decisions and the dynamics that make for […]

FSU researchers: Variations in seafloor create freak ocean waves

Florida State University researchers have found that abrupt variations in the seafloor can cause dangerous ocean waves known as rogue or freak waves — waves so catastrophic that they were once thought to be the figments of seafarers’ imaginations. “These are huge waves that can cause massive destruction to ships or infrastructure, but they are […]

Playing with numbers: Math department hosts FSU Math Fun Day

See how math can help break codes, improve your tic-tac-toe game and more at the annual FSU Math Fun Day. The Department of Mathematics is hosting an annual day of math activities that includes exhibits and exercises for the general public, including students and teachers. Activities are available for all students in grades K-12. “With […]