OLLI at FSU offers preview of spring curriculum for lifelong learners

Lifelong learners who love to explore the world through classes and activities tailored to their needs have a wealth of classes and activities to choose from through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute’s Spring Semester. 

Registration for classes and activities begins Wednesday, January 31, at olli.fsu.eduhttp://olli.fsu.edu.  

Nearly 50 courses will be offered, starting the week of February 19. The semester, which ends the week of April 1, offers 3- and 6-week classes in-person on the FSU campus and local retirement communities, as well as other locations, via Zoom or through a hybrid format that allows students to attend classes in person or remotely. 

“From ‘The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ to ‘The Mountain Dulcimer,’ from the comedic to the sublime, classes cover topics that span lifelong learners’ interests and pursuits,” said OLLI Executive Director Debra Herman. Students can select from a broad range of areas, including art, science, health, policy, politics and government, economics, religion, languages, history through the ages, current events, topics of local, regional, national and international interest, technology, genealogy, writing and storytelling and nature. 

Full descriptions of courses, activities, field trips, clubs and travel, as well as instructions on how to join OLLI and register for classes, are available at olli.fsu.edu.  

Membership in OLLI at FSU is open to all adults who love to learn in a stress-free environment where there are no tests, no homework and no required reading. There are no education prerequisites.  

Instructors typically come from current or retired faculty of local institutions of higher education and area experts, but Zoom has extended the range of instructors and students who can join OLLI’s classes and activities regardless of location. In the Zoom era, faculty members have come from around the world. 

For more information about OLLI at FSU and how to become a member and register for classes, see olli.fsu.edu. Need help? Contact Deb Herman at dherman@fsu.edu or Terry Aaronson at taaronson@fsu.edu.