FSU’s Opening Nights champions arts education with renowned cellist and advocate Shana Tucker

Shana Tucker, singer-songwriter and cellist. (Opening Nights at Florida State University)
Shana Tucker, singer-songwriter and cellist. (Opening Nights at Florida State University)

Opening Nights at Florida State University presents Opening Nights in Class, the second weeklong K-5 school residency with singer-songwriter and cellist Shana Tucker.

Tucker will host interactive performances at eight Leon County elementary schools from Feb. 20-23 as an Opening Nights in Class initiative to provide free arts opportunities to Leon County School students.

“Shana Tucker is an inspiration,” said Calla MacNamara, education and engagement manager of Opening Nights (ON). “Her dedication to her craft and passion for teaching make her a true role model for aspiring musicians and educators. I am honored to call her a colleague and friend and am grateful she is returning to the Tallahassee community.”

The four-day residency will include a series of interactive performances that include several song styles and musical genres to encourage more active listening and participatory experiences. Students also will participate in executing simple rhythms using body, instruments or voice, illustrate steady beat, and describe how words and phrases supply rhythm and meaning for the song.

Tucker takes an interactive approach to performing songs and telling stories through lyrics, melody, rhythm and chords. As an art educator, Tucker has more than two decades of experience working with students of all ages. She is committed to creating a learning environment where students feel empowered to explore their creativity and discover their unique voices.

Tucker’s commitment to music education extends beyond the classroom. She is a frequent collaborator with community organizations, leading workshops, residencies and outreach programs that bring the joy of music to underserved communities. She is also a strong advocate for arts education who campaigns for increased funding and support for music programs in schools.

Tucker has previously visited Leon County Schools with ON in Class and was part of the 2019-2020 Opening Nights season lineup.