FSU’s Beautiful Campus

Florida State University’s campus is diverse in the thousands of students, faculty, students, and administration that walk the grounds as the greenery that fills the 475 acre arboretum. Director of Grounds and Landscapes Operations, Scott Cisson, and the team of Master Gardner’s, landscape architects, grounds and maintenance crew, and more, FSU’s campus thrives with vibrant flowers, gardens and trees as well as well exquisite statues, sculptures and landmarks. Each area of FSU’s Facilities Ground and Landscape team works in unison to create and maintain the beautiful sections of campus like the Friendship Plaza on the Mina Jo Powell Green, the Stanley Plaza in front of HCB, and of course the charming Legacy Walk. Learn more about how the team incorporates Florida’s natural ecosystems as well as Florida State University’s own history in creating an escape from the everyday at http://fla.st/1MIRIBs.